Mariah Yeater Text Messages: Who's the Daddy?!?

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The Justin Bieber baby drama might finally be over.

Earlier this week, Mariah Yeater dropped her lawsuit against the singer, although the 20-year old's lawyer claims the two parties are still working toward a settlement figure. But now even more evidence has come out that appears to prove one thing: YEATER IS A LIAR.

Mariah Yeater Text

TMZ has been sent a slew of texts by a friend of Yeater's. This individual was evidently on the receiving end of messages that...

  1. Referred to someone named "Robbie" as the father of her child.
  2. Pleaded with the recipient to go along with her Bieber claim and, if he/she does so, as Yeater writes in one of the texts posted on TMZ: "Ill kick u when we get paid."

Bieber, to his credit, still plans on suing Yeater. Her credibility might be destroyed, but there's a message to send here: no one dares mess with the Biebs!

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@ The person below me... If your not a Bieber fan, then gtfo and stfu. Your not a JB fan so leave, why did you search up news about JB if you don't like him. Jesus Christ, people like you are the kind that do nothing good for the world and just sit around being a nuisance. To the post....
She's a liar, nuff said. I'm a dude and I hate it when people lie for fame, even if it costs you using your child for it.


How do you know Robbie isnt code name for Justin, Just sayin you never know. And Look who he was on tour with, You honestly dont think Justin isnt going to try and act cool. He is a spoiled little BRAT that I would love no more than for him to go AWAY. Can you tell I am not a Beiber fan.


shes a sl*t bag w*ore


Come on really are u kdng me da baby doesnt evn luk lyke hm dat baby is ugly she's just doing dis bulls**t jus 2 b famous n be hs girlfrnd m nt bieber fan bt m supprtng hm n b***h ur f***ng old ur nt 20 m sure com on who would evn wnt 2 f**k dat girl i would nt evn if i get free with pickle liar liar pencil fire weh weh weh weh!!


Very nice site!


Missed your biology class, did ya??


This girl (Yeater) wasn't much older than Bieber is now when this supposedly occured. She's as much a child as he is. Her lawyers are small time, when Bieber's bevy of attorneys in limo's "wearing 10 thousand dollar suits" descended on them like locusts, it probably scared he!! out of them. The hate mail, reporters. fans.
There had to be a reason she picked Bieber! I doubt that one day she just decided "I think I'll accuse Justin Bieber of being my baby's father." It's ludicris that she'd pick that idea out of thin air! Maybe she saw other girls being asked to go backstage for Justin. Or maybe it's true!


SEE! Bieber hasnt hit puberty yet how can he be the father!!


It's blatantly obvious he didn't buy her off the case. In one text she said "please stress to Robbie how important it is that he is part of his son's life?" revealing that the father of Trystyn, or whatever his name is, is really a guy named Robbie.


thing happend so yeah okk

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