Mariah Yeater Speaks on "Aggressive" Justin Bieber Bathroom Sex

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Teen pop singer Justin Bieber has been in the news lately for reasons unrelated to him singing "Baby, Baby" ... unless he uttered that while nailing Mariah Yeater.

The 20-year-old alleged baby mama claims she had (brief) sex with Bieber backstage after a concert last fall and that her three-month-old son is Bieber's.

She is suing Justin for child support, while Bieber, who denies ever meeting Mariah Yeater, says he will take a paternity test to prove it, then sue her right back.

Despite the inconsistencies in her story - Mariah Yeater first accused her ex of fathering the child - she's speaking out about their "affair" on The Insider tonight.

According to Mariah, Bieber was aggressive in the sack/men's room:

"He immediately took a liking to me. We just got to talking," she recalls. "Eventually he asked me, 'Would you mind if we could go somewhere and be alone.'"

"Then when we got to what turned out to be a bathroom, his whole demeanor changed. It went from cute and gushy to more aggressive," Yeater continues.

Specifically, he supposedly asked to "f--k the s--t" out of her. Obvi.

"I have provided evidence to my attorneys and it'll show in court that my allegations are true," she says, responding to claims that she's a liar and gold digger.

Asked why Bieber's security guard says he never left Bieber that night and Justin went straight to the car following the concert, Mariah says, "No comment."

Her interview airs tonight. Do you believe Bieb smushed that?


Clearly she is lying. If you know anything about body language u can tell. She is looking away from the camera, studering with her words and she appears very uncomfortable. Really sad.


Most of the posts here are vitriolic diatribes by a bunch of hate mongers; do any of you haters think for a second that he will respond to any of your diarrhea of the mouth on here? Hell no he won't and I would bet he could give a shit less too. As far as the girl is concerned, let the DNA test speak for itself and stop fostering the onslaught of vile nastiness against her; then again, you all act like a bunch of damn sheep with a mob mentality who have nothing better to do than following each other with your lame hate-filled comments against a girl you don't even know and I guarantee not one of you know Beiber either. FUCKING PATHETIC


you could tell that mariah yeater is lieing but still why would justin pick this ugly B*itch and plus justin said that he is not going to have a kid until he was married and because this one I was looking up info about this and she had a picture of her face and she had pericing all over her ugly face and when I was strolling down there was another picture and it showed her covering her boobs and showing her little tiny tactto it was really gross and I said to myself that is not justins girl type I feel really bad 4 him that he is getting blamed for all of this and I really hate the person guest it is really anoying. It is really unusal 4 a 17 year old and a 20 year old doing it is really wrong.I dont know I love justin bieber soo what i am going to say right now is "keep it up justin bieber" IIIIIIIIIIIIIII LLLLLLLLLove UUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!


its weird though, because when they told her they talked to a guard and that's not what he said, she went all silent and said no comment, and wouldn't tell what the proof is. its also suspicious cuz she accused her ex a month before, and moved onto bieber. like holy fuck, she is a lying cunt.




Well as far as i know that yeater has confessed that she lied about the whole incident. justin's manager scooter braun is suing her. :)


I looked at the pics, and the baby looks NOTHING like him. Not that I'm defending Bieber, because I don't like his work, but I'm just saying that if she first accused her ex of fathering her baby, then it's got something to be suspicious about. And the funny thing too? She could go to jail for statutory rape. She's 20 and he's only 17. If this proves to be wrong, *scoffs* then she's got a lot of hell coming her way. I mean, who straight comes out and says, "I'm a 20 year old and Justin Bieber is the father of my baby!" ? What..the..hell. ~Halloween265


Why the heck would justin bieber ask to f the shit out of her.


only god know the truth mariah you know your lying because listen she said it was her ex baby all they have to do is check the cameras and see wat happened the baby doesent even look like him and his bodygaurd was with him cant wait for the truth


i think the whole story will be diffrent if mariah was pretty u guys will all be llk shes pretty nd sehet nd she lookes lk a gurl guys hook up with nd let go lk wateva hve u guys watched jersey shore the gurls they hhook up wwith r ugly ass hell but they wud never be in a relationship with tem but who knows

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