Mariah Yeater Speaks on "Aggressive" Justin Bieber Bathroom Sex

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Teen pop singer Justin Bieber has been in the news lately for reasons unrelated to him singing "Baby, Baby" ... unless he uttered that while nailing Mariah Yeater.

The 20-year-old alleged baby mama claims she had (brief) sex with Bieber backstage after a concert last fall and that her three-month-old son is Bieber's.

She is suing Justin for child support, while Bieber, who denies ever meeting Mariah Yeater, says he will take a paternity test to prove it, then sue her right back.

Despite the inconsistencies in her story - Mariah Yeater first accused her ex of fathering the child - she's speaking out about their "affair" on The Insider tonight.

According to Mariah, Bieber was aggressive in the sack/men's room:

"He immediately took a liking to me. We just got to talking," she recalls. "Eventually he asked me, 'Would you mind if we could go somewhere and be alone.'"

"Then when we got to what turned out to be a bathroom, his whole demeanor changed. It went from cute and gushy to more aggressive," Yeater continues.

Specifically, he supposedly asked to "f--k the s--t" out of her. Obvi.

"I have provided evidence to my attorneys and it'll show in court that my allegations are true," she says, responding to claims that she's a liar and gold digger.

Asked why Bieber's security guard says he never left Bieber that night and Justin went straight to the car following the concert, Mariah says, "No comment."

Her interview airs tonight. Do you believe Bieb smushed that?


She just want to be the father of her baby.


Justin bieber is my lover. I like his songs on youtube.


She looks like a crack head to me. Poor child


I am on justins side because that chck is butt ugly i know he has beter taste in women. He can do better than that ugly chick. She thinks she can make up this whole lie and the whloe world will believe her, seriously chick get a life nobodys going to pitty you. Its pretty sad you pick a 16 yer old. Really thats just sick. Grow up, nobody cares about you. I cant wait for that kid to grow up and hear about this. Your a lier. All she wants is attention, hunny pleaze, you did not have to blam a poor kid for money thats just a really shitty thing to do. Im sorry but that was a really shitty way to get some attention. I feel bad for trystyn, actually i feel more sorry for justin who would want to be acussed for a little inocent baby that has a cyco mother. Thats just pathetic. Get a life, and stop ruinin others.


i believe justin because i konw that would't do that to his girlfriend if the baby is his would his girlfriend say with him #1BIEBER fan


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U pipz dnt evn knw wht u ar talking about wht if the gal is telling th truth,as far as im concernd non-of u knw justin bieber,u just hear staf he says on tv an u thnk u knw him,an u dnt evn knw this mariah chick,jst f*ck off an let the people deal with their problems
ps:piss out s*ckers


Da Really Mariah if he did have sex with you then why would you tell everyone about your sexual relationship. Exactly because you probably just want to meet up with him and you probably WANT him to be the father of your baby. Notice how you say no comment because you have no backup evidence to conclude your story. And if justin knew that was his baby then he would be there right now holding the child in his hands. But apparently he isn't there, and therefor that is not his child. So you midaswell fess up in court that it was all a lie and you just wanted some JIG from bieber. Thankyou and enjoy your stay MARIAH at a jail cell.


i love you justin


acho que ele nao teria coragem de fazer isso com uma menina dejajeitada como ela.....

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