Mariah Yeater: Life Threatened By Beliebers!

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Mariah Yeater claims that Justin Bieber did not use protection when he had sex with her last October in a bathroom, resulting in a three-month old love child.

But this 20-year old California resident might wanna follow a different path in the very near future: Yeater needs to seriously protect herself from angry Beliebers.

Justin Bieber Haircut: New!

Jay, the only baby with which I'm familiar is this one...

In response to Yeater's claim that she's the mother of Justin's child, Bieber fans have lit up Twitter with a number of death threats. Two examples:

  1. @EvelynHorwitz: “Dear Mariah Yeater, Roses are red, violets are blue, stay away from Bieber or Beliebers will kill you. 
  2. @KarenortizJDB: “I should give you a device. Well, go away before millions of Beliebers kill you."

Selena Gomez, sadly, also faced the threatening wrath of fans when she first started dating the Biebs. Our advice to these supporters: chill. Justin and his legal team will handle this. Support the guy's music, but death threats?!? Be better than that. Rise above.

Do you believe Justin Bieber fathered a child with Mariah Yeater?


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Haha. Whoisjustin- I love you! Thanks for giving me a good laugh at work.


You all are insane.
And I'm sure God is real proud of all the threats you all have made. NOT. I'll pray for all of you pathetic illiterate psycho girls.


Omg. This is crazy!! One day these "beliebers" will look back and say "What the f*ck was i thinking??" Making death threats to someone for a boy who for one: will never benefit your life in any way, for two: will one day just be a has-been; working at a gas station, fat, and going bald. Please hold the death threats, save them for someone who is actually scared and who actually cares. I really do come in peace but really?? That is overboard and borderline insane.. I mean really??


go to hell mariah! u r an ass hole! sucker liar. u dont deserve to b in this world


Just remember Bieber fans that folks said the same about Tiger Woods - he's an angel he can't do nothing wrong - Urm well that changed! Just saying - the best way outta this is a DNA test plain and simple - you think that's gonna happen? Not with a high paid team of lawyers on Bieber's side.....


sonota n all others who r just makin shit nuthing else about Justin... just shut ur mouths... n sonota how can u say all dat?? open ur eyes n see who is arrogant?? Justin ?? r u blind or out ov ur senses??? :-@ he is always cool n i believe him he is innocent so u get a life ... understood??




Disregard the comment below... that girl is retarded. I know the truth. because i am the truth. i witnessed EVERYTHING. left me with scars in my eyes that will never be healed this happened in a dumpster behind an outback steakhouse. They had a beautiful dinner first, followed by a dump fuck. the end. accept it. or else YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH.


Justin bieber made babies with that girl. it's all YOUR fault. now u fucked up... BIG TIME (rush).


Justin Bieber is a gay ugly little girl! who the freak cares if she said he is the father of her baby hes ugly shes ugly the babies gna be ugly and as far as i'm concerned all you Beliebers can suck a dick bc yall are just mad bc hes famous and you cant have him! hell SELENA GOMEZ is wayyyyyyyyyyy out of his fucking league so grow the fuck up and stop flirting and fantisizeing over a stupid little girl in a boys body(: