Mariah Yeater Drops Paternity Suit Against Justin Bieber

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Was there ever any doubt?

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    ASLHY CALL PU LOEZ YES hota is fariy booy


    Sooooo is he the father?


    @Anon, I respect that you are clearly stating your subjective opinion as if millions of girls care. Yes, I am one, so this is my opinion.Bieber is a marketing tool, but also an actor, singer(quite more accomplished than you are), a charitable giver, and a sweet boyfriend. So what does that make you? An insignificant subjective opinion. Wait I have a suggestion, become an English teacher then you'll actually get paid to be an a@#%$%^%^!


    I know she is gonna do this .. Cuz her claims were wrong


    I thought he was gay?


    One fact is true...FAMOUS Men who want to keep their sexual mistake quiet ALWAYS deny then SECRETLY payoff the other party with a "NONDISCLOSURE" agreement. The former GOV of California for one kept his lovechild a secret for 13 years! Justin could be the FATHER, just deny and payoff the mom! The REAL truth is if JUSTIN sues HER in court, then you will KNOW he has NO BABY! Otherwise, he may verywell be the DADDY, just paid off to keep it secret.


    Please.....STOP CRITICIZING JB....WHO ARE U TO JUDGE?????...


    Hmm how could this guy be the father? He's probably not aware of his penis yet, if it happens to have one, and people please, read a book and realize the fact that this guy is just a markerting product, not an actual artist.


    @nicole I think you're the one that needs to stay in school. Don't call someone stupid because he/she misspelled a word. Oh and it's impossible to "stalk the internet." Might want to improve your grammar. You should consider studying in school, it really helps. And "Anon" isn't hating, he's simply stating the cold, hard truth.


    @Anon You are a Hater, haha there, I said it, what are you going to do about it? :) It's "Acknowledge" not "awknoledge", learn to spell dumbass! LOL, instead of hating for those successful, why don't you study first. Stay in school, don't stalk the internet, idiot! LMAO

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