Mariah Yeater Baby Scandal: Will Justin Bieber Take a Paternity Test?

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Justin Bieber swears he's never met 20-year-old Mariah Yeater, the chick who says he put a baby inside her after 30 seconds of unprotected ecstasy last October.

He could be ordered by a judge to take a DNA test to prove he's not the father of her child, which she claims in a paternity suit filed Monday in San Diego, Calif.

Bieber is required to file a response to the lawsuit before a December 15 hearing, which will likely hinge on how credible a judge feels Mariah Yeater's story is.

Justin Bieber, New Hairstyle
Mariah Yeater Mug Shot

Biebs says he's never met Mariah Yeater, posing here for a mug shot.

The judge has to weigh two things: Bieber's right to privacy versus the child's right to know who the father is, according to experts, and "Unless the judge thinks the woman made everything up, the court will likely order the test."

Even if the Bieb never hit that, a DNA test may be the only way to prove it.

As we said, Bieber denied any railing of Yeater. But if the accusations persist, he may be forced to provide proof, rather than "ignoring the rumors." His attorneys may also quietly, privately agree to a test without the court's involvement.

Yeater's attorneys say they have "credible evidence" to prove Justin knocked her up and are seeking a "modest and rightful" settlement. Of course, they haven't said much at all since reports surfaced that she first accused her ex of paternity.

Seriously. Those fools are radio silent now. Makes you think.

Do you believe Justin Bieber impregnated this chick?


Woa! Come on, this chick could be framing this dude up. But look, jb may have had sex with her but maybe it couldnt be enough to impregnate her. So here, my pin: 30C82DFA, i use a BlackBerry so ping me please?




man,justin i know how it feels getting blamed of having sex with a girl in getting pregnet,i know it's not your baby your in love with selena just to let you know ,you got good taste in girls ,she's a keeper. one of my friends didn't even know this girl hasnt seen her at all she goes off and says to my pal you are the daddy of my child it sounds stupid. hey i was wondering if you could give me some tips how to moon walk in doing the swirl around you do with your body and feet.


i dont know if it is true but why would a girl just say something like that because any one can say that to anyone and i dont get you she says it when the baby already came out how come she didnt say it sooner


I'm not a fan of Justin but you can tell he really loves Selena and wont never do nun to her that stupid girl lying


i ant believe some wanna be fame star is trying to ruin my biebers life she is disgusting in star magaine it said she had a front row seat at a jb concert last october was he even on tour last october and also she looks to poor to have a front row seat She needs to leae jb alone because she has no idea hoo the father of her child is


Its possible that if both discharge together without codom .ya its possible in 30 seconds speed of sperm 10 to the 10 and she get sperm in 30 seconds.its 100 truth because a girl know the name of his father.after dna she win.but she famous as a bad girl.your scandel you must be responsible for this because when you doing sex you agree to get it.its not force get it own and you remove your clothes and lost your master degree get it deep why_ your fault show you this day.your scandel lastly hide away like monica leonsiky scandel.what she get.and you what get .


I requested to you please withdraw your case from court.i am ready to adopt your baby.i give my name to your baby.text me at+923328397727


None of you know if its the truth or not. Are you kidding me? You some how know if he did or didn`t? Wow you have powers. Let me let you in on a secert, everything in front of your face isnt always what it seems. If you take a stance on something without proof either way, you are igornate. Instead of pointing fingers saying he did or didnt ask your self, why wouldnt he take the test and prove all this wrong before it went out to the public. Ask your self maybe, just maybe this is a ploy? Look at the amount of comments? All of you need to really ask questions and not just "oh I know"!! Cause you dont¡


Who gives a fuck if he did knock her up? It isn't any of the publics business but here is my opinion regardless:
I amn't a fan of JB but I honestly think that if she wanted the best for the baby she wouldn't have announced or whatever happened when she told him, she is an attention seeker, obviously.

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