Mariah Yeater Baby Scandal: Will Justin Bieber Take a Paternity Test?

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Justin Bieber swears he's never met 20-year-old Mariah Yeater, the chick who says he put a baby inside her after 30 seconds of unprotected ecstasy last October.

He could be ordered by a judge to take a DNA test to prove he's not the father of her child, which she claims in a paternity suit filed Monday in San Diego, Calif.

Bieber is required to file a response to the lawsuit before a December 15 hearing, which will likely hinge on how credible a judge feels Mariah Yeater's story is.

Justin Bieber, New Hairstyle
Mariah Yeater Mug Shot

Biebs says he's never met Mariah Yeater, posing here for a mug shot.

The judge has to weigh two things: Bieber's right to privacy versus the child's right to know who the father is, according to experts, and "Unless the judge thinks the woman made everything up, the court will likely order the test."

Even if the Bieb never hit that, a DNA test may be the only way to prove it.

As we said, Bieber denied any railing of Yeater. But if the accusations persist, he may be forced to provide proof, rather than "ignoring the rumors." His attorneys may also quietly, privately agree to a test without the court's involvement.

Yeater's attorneys say they have "credible evidence" to prove Justin knocked her up and are seeking a "modest and rightful" settlement. Of course, they haven't said much at all since reports surfaced that she first accused her ex of paternity.

Seriously. Those fools are radio silent now. Makes you think.

Do you believe Justin Bieber impregnated this chick?


baby I'm your baby mother and im your only one leave Celina Gomez and just be with me i loooooooooooooooooooooove yooooooooou


I am from Jamaica and i know my husband wouldn't do that with that ugly bitch, i read a lot about Justin and i know all those things are fake, baby don't let anyone mash up your career just be strong OK i love you


everything is a lie i dont know why she go and find who her baby daddy is and leave my husband alone


gosh she is such a freaking lire why would justin bieber want to ever get with her i hope she goes to jail for hooking up with a 16 year old!!!!!!


gosh she is such a freaking lire why would justin bieber want to ever get with her


I believe that Kim Kardashian taught Justin Beiber how to gain fame...Pay people.


No Justin is my baby daddy! Lol kidding. She's looking for attention that's it if not she wouldn't be telling the world. She would have found a way to tell him. I'm sure she could have sent an email to his people or placed a phone call.


listen, if he says its not true then its not true... simple as!! i love justin and i believe himm x belieber forever!!xx


I love justin beiber 100% but anyway jb if you ever considered if the baby is yours that you would have to file a lawsuite against her and try and see if you could raise the baby by your self but i hope you know that cuz mariah would probably go to jail and i know im 13 years old and some people say that i might be al little girl and dont know what im talkin about any justin can you send me autographed picture of and i would love to go to one of your concerts but me and my family are poor and dont have enough money and i live in calion arkansas but i bekieve in you i love u ttyl


No one was n thee bed whn nd if thy screwed each other so we’ll see whn thee results come back.

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