Mariah Carey Weight Loss Pic: 30 Pounds Later ...

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Mariah Carey officially has her groove - and boy - back.

Six months after welcoming twins Moroccan and Monroe, the singer has lost 30 pounds, which she shows off in a big way on the new cover of Us Weekly.

"I just gained an enormous amount of weight," Carey says of the twin boy and girl she welcomed April 30 - her wedding anniversary with spouse Nick Cannon.

Looking at the short shorts and toned belly, that's a distant memory now ...

Mariah Carey Weight Loss Pic

How did Mariah Carey pull off this weight loss plan?

In July, Carey buckled down with a nutritionist and a workout plan from Jenny (formerly Jenny Craig), keeping to 1,500 calories a day and thrice-weekly workouts.

"I feel incredible," she says, just three months after her body transformation began. "It was just the biggest blessing to be able to have the babies," Carey adds.

"But I felt trapped in my body because I couldn't move." But now, she says, "I'm proud of how hard I worked to get my body back... I had to do this for me."

We'd say she did a heck of a job. You go girl!

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@ the people stating there is not bellybutten ummm get your eyes checked may not be a "innie" but its there. @ the haters for her losing the weight instead of "breast feeding" some mom's milk dries up, A LOT OF TIMES WITHIN THE FIRST THREE MONTHS and her babies are about six months old. SO TO THE HATERS BACK OFF. Mariah is awesome. She is a leader and lets her fans that anything is possible. She is an inspiration. SO WHAT she had the money to go on Jenny, I would to if I could afford it. She has the voice of an angel, and unlike some of these new girls on the radio she can back her shit up live too. I have always and will always love this beautiful and talented woman.


I heard her talk about the edemia that she got after the babies..I also have it exactly like what she decribed and would like to know what she did to get rid of it because no doctors around here seems to be able to tell me anything that works.It has left me somewhat handi-cap and can't do or go anyplace by myself. I will try anything. Thank you very much


tummy tuck or no tummy tuck she looks gorgeous like she always does


No belly button goes with a tummy tuck. I know from experience. One OB-GYN here does almost all C-sections by mom's choice 'cause he gives 'em tummy tuck and insurance can pay for it. He even has you in a semi-sitting position so that tummy can be as flat as possible. Again......experience speaks..........but I was a menopause minnie and ended with flat stomach and no baby. He did 'bladder repair' through the abdomen so insurance would pay for tummy tuck. Hey, it was his idea....


CONGRATULATIONS! 2 Mariah on her weightloss/makeover & for moroccan & monroe. She's the best singer ever 4me, an icon-in the Muisic Industry. She's gorgeous & we juz gotta b happy 4her, don't hate. She don't sound like JLo, she's extremely talented, hear her Acapella!


and i love the fact that kim says shes devestated BITCH YOU ARE A FAKE SLUT. you did it FOR MONEY. no one buys your BULLSHIT you are HO and nothing more. i hope karma comes back on you I think the whole country is due.....


yall stop hating this woman is GORGEOUS you wish you looked like her.


Her belly button is tucked in her shorts along with the rest of the hang flab that comes after you have a baby.


@ Traci, my thought exactly. Where is her bellybutton? Lol


I don't see a bellybutton??!! Photoshop!

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