Mariah Yeater Bombshell: Ex-Boyfriend Originally Accused of Paternity

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Wait, Mariah Yeater: who's the daddy?!?

This 20-year old has been in the news all week because she's filed a paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber, alleging he knocked her up after a concert in late 2010 (which he has denied). But a woman named Frances Lippe has now come forward with major scoop related to this claim.

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Lippe tells TMZ that Yeater once dated her grandson, John Terranova.

In December, about one month after she says Bieber got her pregnant, Yeater reportedly showed up at Lippe's house and got into a major altercation with Terranova, stemming for her assertion that HE was the father of her child.

Lippe says Yeater broke a window in the home and slapped her grandson three times in the face. Police were called to the scene and Yeater was booked on charges of battery. The family never heard from Mariah again.

On July 6, she gave birth to a boy - and did NOT list anyone as the father.

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See this is all stupid Justin knows better and he never even met her? sHE DOESNT EVEN KNOW WHO THE FATHER IS NOW SHE IS SAYING ITS NOT TRUE???? I Cant believe that people would believin that crap? Poor justin..........oh and this si for you dumb fudge wads hes done nothing to you so leave him alone and I'm not talking ablout the people in this conversatoin beliber haters in general? GOD LEAVE HIM ALONE HES DONE NOTHING TO YOU JEESUS peeple iritate me and hes never even meet the chick!! Dumb brod!!!!!!


does anyone else find it hilarious that the last name of this john fella is TERRANOVA? which reminds me that i need to watch the latest episode.


Oh wow. I just read through some of those comments, and I'm horrified that people can't spell at all. Seriously? Are all of the people commenting on this like eight? And, related to the actual article, who cares if it's his baby or not? All he has to do is take a paternity test and wrap all of this up. He probably won't, and this baby drama will drag out for months.


I totally agree! These kids need to go back to school. The funny thing is, one girl tried to correct another girl and STILL spelled "straight" wrong. I'm afraid for my own future children. I may have to home school them lol.


This girl just wants the fame..
Shes ridiculous!
Im hoping JB isnt the father.


technology has raped and killed the english language...go figure


Jesus, you people need a lesson in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. You sound so ignorant and uneducated. How old are you people??? 10???


waht does your conversation have to do with mariah yeater


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