Mariah Yeater Bombshell: Ex-Boyfriend Originally Accused of Paternity

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Wait, Mariah Yeater: who's the daddy?!?

This 20-year old has been in the news all week because she's filed a paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber, alleging he knocked her up after a concert in late 2010 (which he has denied). But a woman named Frances Lippe has now come forward with major scoop related to this claim.

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Lippe tells TMZ that Yeater once dated her grandson, John Terranova.

In December, about one month after she says Bieber got her pregnant, Yeater reportedly showed up at Lippe's house and got into a major altercation with Terranova, stemming for her assertion that HE was the father of her child.

Lippe says Yeater broke a window in the home and slapped her grandson three times in the face. Police were called to the scene and Yeater was booked on charges of battery. The family never heard from Mariah again.

On July 6, she gave birth to a boy - and did NOT list anyone as the father.

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It may be a proven fact that Miss Yeater gave birth to a baby girl back in July, but I find it *Unbielievable that Justin is in the running for being a father. For months he and Selena Gomez have been inseparable as a couple. It might be wishful thinking on the part of Miss Yeater, and maybe she might come back down to Earth and Not reach out to Justin as a means to the end of acknowledging a father for her daughter. If indeed she robbed the cradle with Justin, then she is in just as much trouble for committing a criminal act by just being *sexually intimate with a minor whether it be Justin or some other young man. Without Naming a father on the birth certificate Miss Yeaters claim is questionable!!


Ya'll are fuckn stupid. Juustin for 1 wouldn't hook up with no average slut like you dykes and second she's just trying to get famous like the rest of you skeezies


I think she's HOT though. I would 100% do her. She looks so hot in that skirt with the grey tank top and leggings.


Bieber is 17. So this woman, if she really did sleep with him, committed a crime. She raped/molested a child.


Please just take the test. I feel bad for the kid, i mean this Mariah chick looks insane, and i belive Bieber is telling the truth. But if it happens to be his baby, his carreer is probably going down the toilet...just take the test and have this whole incident be over...


that girl is a lier justin wouldent be able to pull down his pants in 30 seconds and you cant get pregnant is 30 fuken seconds so she is a mother fucken lier and that baby dont look like nuten like freakin justin beiber and that chick aint 20 she more like 40 years old and i think justin beiber would so taste be4 he went to go fuk some one


This bitch need to stop playing games .if this was JB baby ..why u come forward so late bitch ..dis bitch just want some attention ....lonely ..dumb...miserable ass


Funny things is...IF it is his baby (which he should just take the test n get it over with) SHE will probably go to jail because its statutory rape because he was only 16 and she was 19 at the time...and he could end up getting custody of the baby...BUT knowing how things work in Hollywood...He will probably end up paying her a large sum of $$$$ to shut her up!!


simple answer just take a faternity test and u will know who the father is


this is crazy that girl just wants attention from the media she kno's justin biber aint her baby daddy and i agree just take a dna test to find out if he is the daddy butim sure he aint . justin keep ur head up high that girl just want to start problem's

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