Mariah Yeater Bombshell: Ex-Boyfriend Originally Accused of Paternity

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Wait, Mariah Yeater: who's the daddy?!?

This 20-year old has been in the news all week because she's filed a paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber, alleging he knocked her up after a concert in late 2010 (which he has denied). But a woman named Frances Lippe has now come forward with major scoop related to this claim.

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Lippe tells TMZ that Yeater once dated her grandson, John Terranova.

In December, about one month after she says Bieber got her pregnant, Yeater reportedly showed up at Lippe's house and got into a major altercation with Terranova, stemming for her assertion that HE was the father of her child.

Lippe says Yeater broke a window in the home and slapped her grandson three times in the face. Police were called to the scene and Yeater was booked on charges of battery. The family never heard from Mariah again.

On July 6, she gave birth to a boy - and did NOT list anyone as the father.

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For the child's sake, it sounds like a paternity test is the only answer and I know SOMEONE can afford it and make sure it gets done.


okay for all the people commenting on this its just hilarious acting like you know what happened when infact you werent there and WOULDNT KNOW and for the guy or girl making comments about shooting someone over this stupid shit is crazy and should be put in a mental institution or something cause your just psychotic its really sad your parents should teach you to mind your own buisness, i know alot of guys who get a girl pregnant and deny it, its verrrrry common and im sure he will pay her a but load of money to make this go away. he isnt prone to making mistakes so who knows he probably did. hes not god everybody messes up so stop making yourself look stupid by acting like you know him because you probably never will hes a fantasy.


thatz.. wrong


How can ANY of you say he doesn't know her? How do you know? You weren't there, and just because you want it to be true doesn't mean it is. Just because he acts like some sweet kid doesn't mean he is. He may just be some player out to get with as many women as he can. And it is not the first time a 16 year to hooked up with a 19 year old. And hey, maybe he had her make up this lie to get more attention and to seem like some big shot who can get a 19 year old. You never know. Oh and I completely agree with those who were asking about spelling. How old are you girls, you REALLY need to start paying attention in class, not everything is a text. Everyone makes spellng mistakes but geesh this is ridiculous.


poor beiber,, how he has to deal with stupid and waistful things like this. i wish him luck in the future becuz im guessing this is juss the beggining of crazy accusations for him.


Ya, her past history, is NOW, proving how much of a FUCKED UP BITCH she is, and how FUCKED UP in the head she is. Those kind of broads need to be SHOT, and put out out the pasture, where the rest of the FUCKED UP BITCHES are. And they blame a-lot of this kind of SHIT on guys, for gawds sakes. A-LOT of woman are just as guilty of the same or similar thing, and a-lot of woman are also guilty as sexual predators as men are. The only difference is, woman are more sneakier, where as men are usually more open about it.


For the people making "rape" comments she was 19 so the age of consent would apply and it would not have been illegal in the state of CA for a 17 and 19 year old to have consensual sex.


I find it hilarious that some scary looking girl comes out of nowhere and makes this claim and everyone is up in arms. People need to calm down, just because she said it doesn't make it true and maybe she is crazy but to get worked up over some girl you don't know makes me wonder about some of these posters and fans out there. She said he was the only one she was with at the time, and that is a lie since we now know there was another guy.


Um...@dana......this is the THG site. Not JB personal email! Maybe u should FB him instead. oh and @non ya.....u REALLY need to pay more attention in school, or go back to school! U cant get preg in 30 sec? Um ya you can if he came inside her! And your spelling is fukn awful to!


WTH...i can't believe this...i know that's a crap but even though u need a DNA test maybe u were drunk or something anyway im dying to know what wil happen between selena and u will u break up????...i don't think so cuz selena is crazy about u and i love with

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