Marcus Canty Rocks Out on The X Factor

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Marcus Canty took to a fire-filled stage on The X Factor last night, delivering one of the more enjoyable performances during a rock-themed evening of auditions.

L.A. Reid kept his critique short and simple ("You rocked!"), while Simon Cowell joked about the women on stage, telling Marcus: "You say you were going to be a good boy, and you looked up the skirts of 10 girls. Too much temptation."

But we're serious when we say Canty has a legitimate shot to go far this season. Perhaps even all the way? Grade the rendition for yourself now:


Let's wish ALL the contestants well! It take guts to compete. In America, we are so negative. I wish them all well and hope they will have success even after the show no matter who wins! Big ups to everyone in this competition. I am all about Positivity! God Bless


Janis, get back in your grave darlin', it'll be okay...he didn't mean nothin' by it.


I really don't agree with that comment above...marcus is definitley at the top of the competition at this point n what simon said last nite was totally wrong...he definitley deserved a boo for that one...he had the best performance of the nite...him astro and melanie as well as josh are the ones to beat...n anybody can see that...lakoda rayne is just terrible...stacey francis did awful last nite...leroy bell is just ok...drew is popular but hasn't done anything amazing for me yet...everything sounds the same...oh I almost forgot about rachel...she's at the top too...very likeable but I don't think she can win...n chris is likeable but his vocals aren't strong enough...the next to go should be lakoda rayne...they haven't had a stellar performance yet...the only shot paula had with the groups were the stereo hoggz n they're gone...don't know how america thought lakoda rayne was better...but neways that's my opinions...which are obvious if u watch the show


i still dont see what everyone sees in him... he overdoes EVERYTHING and it makes him look and sound weird. like last week- my husband didnt know what i was watching and when he sang the "im going dooooowwwwwwn" part he said what the hell sounds like a drowning cat? i couldnt stop laughing... i dont get whats so special about him... im not saying he sucks- no one on this show is bad, but some just arent that good.

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