Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Hope Solo: Dancing With the Stars' Comeback Kids!

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Hope Solo looked to be falling apart just two weeks ago. Now they could have a good shot at the Dancing With the Stars finals.

Two weeks after Hope‘s “worst dance of the entire season,” which led to Maks' feud with Len and Derek Hough, she made the case that she’s a contender.

Solo's turned in her best performance to date last night and was awarded a season-high 27 points for her quickstep to Amy Winehouse’s hit “Valerie.”

Take a look at the pair's energetic routine below ...

“Tonight is a night of miracles rebooted, reenergized. Light, breezy, radiant. You’ve never moved so well,” Bruno Tonioli said, calling it "Your best dance yet!”

Carrie Ann Inaba was even more to the point. “Hope, come here,” she said. “I just want to give you a hug.” Believe it or not, Len even got in on the love.

“This was fantastic,” Goodman said. “It was everything a jive should be!” He then earned a kiss - yes, a kiss - from Maks after his praise of their jive.

Check out Hope and Maks' second effort here:

Hope's combined score of 52 left her in a second-place tie with Ricki Lake. J.R. Martinez leads with a perfect 60 and Nancy Grace was last with 44.

Think she and Maks will be safe tonight? And does the World Cup soccer star stand a chance of pulling and upset and taking home the crown?


maks over stepped last year and apologized. Now... he just needs to go! there"s no room in ballroom dancing for Rudeness!!! plenty of professional dancers who would love the job. Bye.. Bye Maks!!!


Too much hype on this soccer goalie.At best she was avg. japans girls ate her lunch on penalty kicks.As a dancer,she was horrid.Her partner would tell u that if he was honest.At least she beat the ewok.


Hope is NOT a good dancer. She looks awkward ALL of the time, and she acts like an immature brat. Although Maks is outstanding, I am weary of his arrogance. They need to go!


I hope Max and Hope make it to the finals. Hope has definitely been a better dancer than Rob, but what is it with the judges favoring Rob so ridiculously and slamming Max and Hope at every turn. That has turned me off DWTS.


Half hour to go I"m getting excited good luck I faith in you 2 Hope you go and kick some booty with Max. I hope rob leaves tonight, don't get me wrong i like rob but hope is a much better dancer than him!!! Do your best and enjoy it while you can!!!! Paula


Great job Hope and Max I'm so proud of you both you finally made it into the finals. I' m so happy for you both 3 more weeks left can you do it yes you can I have faith in both of you ,you got my vote no matter what, enjoy and have fun like you both had last week!!!! Love you guy's Paula.


I tend to agree with "twinkletoes" in that Maks wanted Hope as a partner because she is an athlete and thought she could do it. As an athlete she has the stamina and that's apparently what he wanted. Goalies don't do the amount of running that the other soccer field players do from what I have observed. There is a lot of frustration on Maks' part. Some people are not natural dancers. Not all the athletes in the past shows were natural dancers. Mak has a huge fan base the fans want Maks to finally get the MBT. I am very much a fan of the show and Maks, but this season has been different. I will be tuning in tomorrow night and want to see them perform well:)


As posted elsewhere on this site--Hope needs to go home. I really, really, really wanted to like this team and voted for them the first 2 weeks but then had to stop. The ICK FACTOR is too high. Her self importance over being a soccer player and constantly saying 'i'm an athlete' is rediculous, in my opinion she might as well be saying (with the tilt of her head and a vacant smile)"I'm a cheerleader". I think she brings out the worse in Maks and I think he expected her to have the moves on the dance floor and his frustration is that 1)she doesn't and 2)she thinks 'i'm an athlete' gets her bonus points. Her and Maks together is just ego upon ego and it's not fun to watch.


Max is so hot he can do or say anything he wants in my book!


I think Max is VERY aggressive with Hope - he needs to have a severe talking to over his attitude and general behaviour - for me it was a form of bullying. Even his fellow dance professional looked embarassed over his little outburst in the group Paso - he is a disgrace and should be binned

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