Lindsay Lohan Recommendation Letter Request: Shot Down By Morgue!

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Lindsay Lohan will beg for mercy in court tomorrow with the hope that Judge Stephanie Sautner will go easy on her and not lock her up for violating probation.

The train wreck will arrive at her make-or-break hearing sans recommendation letter from the morgue where she's been performing community service, however.

Lohan actually asked for letter of recommendation to show the very skeptical judge what a good job she was doing cleaning soiled linens at the coroner's office.

The office told her to forget it, however.


Lindsay pleaded with a supervisor at the L.A. County Coroner's Office to write the letter on her behalf, but was shot down before it even got to the man in charge.

Not surprising after she showed up late the first day, then pulled that cupcake stunt on her second day - although she has been close to a model citizen since.

In any case, Lindsay will concede that she violated her probation tomorrow, and Judge Sautner will very possibly send her ass to jail. By not putting up a fight, Lohan is likely accepting this reality and just hoping it won't be for too long.

What do you think: Send her off to the slammer?


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I think she needs to spend no less than a year in jail. Brats like her won't ever learn until she does some real time.