Lindsay Lohan Playboy Pics: Not Up to Par!

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Yesterday, before she was sentenced to 30 days in jail, Lindsay Lohan was given a week to turn herself in so that she could continue her nude shoot for Playboy.

That seemed odd, as reports indicated that the shoot already wrapped, but apparently, the Playboy's first batch of Lindsay Lohan pics didn't meet expectations.

[LiLo] "was told that the Playboy executives wanted to go another direction with her shoot,” a source said. "They asked her to come back in a second time."

Wonder if that means some crazy s--t to come!


“The first pictures of Lindsay weren’t exactly what they wanted so they have a new theme that they want to shoot,” the source close to the men's mag said.

“There is never a guarantee that everyone will like the photos or that they will be of high enough quality to use for the cover but Playboy wanted to make sure that all Lindsay’s pictures were exactly what they wanted,” the source said.

Current plans are for Lindsay to be on the January cover of Playboy.

The train wreck, who will likely be sprung immediately and spend barely any time behind bars, was reportedly paid almost $1 million to get naked.

Are you looking forward to seeing her in Playboy?


lindsay am very sad for'll find your way.god bless u.i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u


lindsay body very sexy


lindsay voice very sexy


lindsay very attractive female


plz stop called troubled actress .lindsay is my life


i love lindsay. most beautiful girl in the world.i wish she win oscar award.


At the end of the day she is just like one of us. Stop being pricks.


Maybe they should buy her a breast lift and some lipo under than chin before the take anymore pics.


guess we will see if she is a "fire crotch"


i don't know if i feel sorry for her or just completely hate her anymore. i'm so over the lilo show. obviously she takes nothing serious or she's completely f*cking retarded now from all the drugs. she's such a waste of breath & perfectly fine internet space. i say we ban all things lilo until she starts making progress. otherwise, idc if she's still failing at everything. that's nothing new.


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