Lee Corso Drops F-Bomb on College GameDay

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Over the years, ESPN's College GameDay has become of the most popular pregame shows in sports because of the party-style atmosphere mixed with serious analysis.

Saturday tilted a bit too far toward the former, however.

In the final segment of the program, when Lee Corso picks the winner of a big game and dons the projected winner's mascot headgear in the process, he jokingly went to pick Southern Methodist over Houston, before calling a late, expletive-laden audible:

His fellow analysts Kirk Herbstreit and Carl Lewis were taken aback, as were fans.

Following the incident, ESPN had Corso tape a segment in which he apologized for the error and promised that it would never happen again to the camera.

That, of course, caused hundreds of thousands of people who missed it - and it was fairly innocuous in the grand scheme of f-bombs - to go find the clip online.

Counterproductive? Might've been better for ESPN to say "aww, f--k it" themselves.


Corso is a furry


He will probably lose his job which would be a shame because he makes the show. People need to lighten up a bit.


That was it?


Jim you are f-ing idiot. He the best part of college football. I'm sure your dumb-ass has made mistakes at work and wasn't fired.


Jim, you cannot be serious. It was hilarious, and quite obviously a simple slip-up.


He should have been fired on the spot!!

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