LeAnn Rimes-Brandi Glanville Twitter Feud: The Return!

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Looks like LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville are going at it again ... on Twitter, obviously. What better way to instigate a feud than under the cover of social media!

Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi is upset this time because their two sons, Mason and Jake, spent Thanksgiving with Eddie and LeAnn Rimes, EVIL stopmom that she is.

Moreover, he's trying to get them for Christmas too. Brandi claims Eddie sent her a threatening e-mail about their custody pact. Then LeAnn Tweeted this photo:

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian Twitpic

This story has nothing to do with Eddie Cibrian's sweet mustache. But discuss!

Brandi also says she thinks her custody fight is one of the reasons The Playboy Club got canceled and he's punishing her for it in return. Does that have merit?

Who's to say. But The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hot mess has a way with words, particularly online, and quickly fired off this Tweet to a friend about it:

Glanville Tweetage

Now, LeAnn Rimes is usually the type to mix it up on Twitter with the best of them, but believe it or not, she actually took the high road here ... mostly.

Asked by The Babble to respond, she said Twitter feuds are beneath her, which is odd since she's been in a ton, and sort of digs at Brandi anyway:

"Until private, family matters can stay that way we cannot communicate properly and through a public forum is not the way. I have fallen short myself out of anger, but for the kids sake only try to share happiness."

"It's no one's business, our family business and since you will not hear both sides of the story no one should jump to conclusions. I do not know what has been said except for what I just read, but it's far from the truth, I will say that."

And there you go. Until Round #29 ...


I think it is the lowest of the lowest when someone tries to take over another woman's children. Those boys are not Leann's children.


Leanne had an affair with a married man with 2 children. She betrayed her own husband and broke up those boy's family. Can she or the other POS cheater really defend that?!?!?! She took the high road...gimme a break.


I really believe these two Skanks should get a life! These two women are the typical description of White Trailer Trash! Brandi Glanville looks like a hooker most of the time while Leann Rimes looks like a skinny, cat face, squinty eyed hooker all of the time!


Leann Rimes is getting CREEPY. Okay, be happy with Eddy but stop trying to be Brandi and take over her kids! Its like that movie " The hand that rocked the cradle." LR is their dad's wife, and she needs to refer to those kids as, "my husbands kids." BG's and EC's kids have no obligation to LR.


This is what I mean, if Leann has taken the high road, why then is one of LR buddies, one in which LR communicates with via twitter on a daily basis, on another site bragging that Eddie and Leann are indeed in the process of trying to take those boys away from Brandi?


Leo/get/sue: Leann Rimes needs to learn the slow progression of accepting the fact that Eddie hasn't moved on from a couple of years ago, and their divorce is probably on EC mind. The real issue is that LR and EC must be having problems in their marriage. First of all when LR and DB mistreat BG, they are in fact mistreating those kids. Secondly, what you are saying is that LR wants complete control over BG and EC kids without any input from BG even though she is the kids mother? Leann should learn to allow BG and EC to parent THEIR kids without interefering. Leann should honor that the visitation rights are between EC and BG and not feel threatened that she is losing Eddie to BG just because they are parenting their kids without her input. Leann needs a life that includes her own children and a personal life of her own that does not include keeping up with Eddie's ex-wife and her kids. PEACE!!


To begin with...to me, Eddie is just another one of those HOLLYWOOD pretty-boy shirtless types of dudes. As far as I'm concerned, those types of young fellas COME AND GO all the time in HOLLYWOOD. And, Eddie...dude, NO ONE is to blame for your new series The Playboy Club getting cancelled. TV shows get cancelled all the time. Or, often enough. So, STOP complaining!!!!! As for Leann, she clearly has insecurities...which are BEYOND ANNOYING!!!!! The Bottom Line: Marriages CRASH AND BURN all the time in HOLLYWOOD!!!!! I have a feeling that Eddie and Leann's marriage will ALSO CRASH AND BURN!!!!! As in, soon enough. And, Brandi...Stay Strong Sweetheart!!!!!


The only reason EC is with LR is for her MONEY period he is greedy she has millions, a carrer that is going nowhere, has a sugar mama. When EC leaves her she will never be part of those kids and they will forget her!


They both are SCUM. Anyone associated with Le or EC are scum. People that support this trash should be ashamed of themselves. Her BFF Darrell Brown allowed them to lay up in his home knowing they both wer still married and Brandi was at home with his children. It is sick and digusting how ppl bash Brandi and she didn't do anything wrong. LeAnn's album sales and lack of ticket sales just proves ppl dislike her. His acting career is pretty much over. KARMA!


Clearly, LeAnn is very insecure and does not have much of a career, she most likely spends her time wondering when Eddie will dump her sorry ass!

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