LeAnn Rimes-Brandi Glanville Twitter Feud: The Return!

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Looks like LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville are going at it again ... on Twitter, obviously. What better way to instigate a feud than under the cover of social media!

Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi is upset this time because their two sons, Mason and Jake, spent Thanksgiving with Eddie and LeAnn Rimes, EVIL stopmom that she is.

Moreover, he's trying to get them for Christmas too. Brandi claims Eddie sent her a threatening e-mail about their custody pact. Then LeAnn Tweeted this photo:

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian Twitpic

This story has nothing to do with Eddie Cibrian's sweet mustache. But discuss!

Brandi also says she thinks her custody fight is one of the reasons The Playboy Club got canceled and he's punishing her for it in return. Does that have merit?

Who's to say. But The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hot mess has a way with words, particularly online, and quickly fired off this Tweet to a friend about it:

Glanville Tweetage

Now, LeAnn Rimes is usually the type to mix it up on Twitter with the best of them, but believe it or not, she actually took the high road here ... mostly.

Asked by The Babble to respond, she said Twitter feuds are beneath her, which is odd since she's been in a ton, and sort of digs at Brandi anyway:

"Until private, family matters can stay that way we cannot communicate properly and through a public forum is not the way. I have fallen short myself out of anger, but for the kids sake only try to share happiness."

"It's no one's business, our family business and since you will not hear both sides of the story no one should jump to conclusions. I do not know what has been said except for what I just read, but it's far from the truth, I will say that."

And there you go. Until Round #29 ...


While you can't help who you fall in love with, you CAN help how you act on those feelings, and if you're married, all of your decisions now affect another person. Maybe it's just me, but that's one of the reasons the divorce rate is so high. Most people only think about themselves and what makes THEM happy, instead of putting somebody else's feelings before their own.


i say live and let live. you cant help who you fall in love with. if eddie and leanne were happy with their previous partners they would still be with them. the children look happy and thats the main thing, so good luck to u all lifes too short.


Is this the same "innocent" Lee Ann that wrote/sang about cheating men and making women crazy in the wake of the divoce she caused? She told Ellen she learned from her mistakes but apparently not. Team Brandy.


Team Leeann all the way ... love her , love her with Eddie, love her with Eddies kids... her and Eddie should have full custody of those poor boys. Somebody needs to get those babies away from that foul mouthed slut. Go Leeann ... :)


I personally think Leann is a homewrecker.And I think Brandi is way prettier than her also. And the fact that she's all over her kids acting like theyre hers is disgusting and a low blow, shes just white trash. Sorry that's my opinion.


Will Brandi stop pretending to be so innocent? She trashed her marriage long before LeAnn even met her ex. why are ppl trying to push the blame elsewhere? let them duke out their family situation for the sake of their kids. Maybe the dad will have a better influence over the boys when his foul-mouthed-slut-ex-wife tries to make an effort on behalf of the BOYS, not just her ego. And stop with the fillers, it just makes face look more evil. Get your GED and work toward setting example for the boys. They'll learn about Winston Churchill too.


Very thought out realistic comments here. Except for the one that is clearly LR again. Can't you be smart enough to switch up your vocab. The words'jealous' and 'hater' always indicate LR has too much free time and is trolling internet and commenting about herself.LR-who is going to carry on when you finally hit rock bottom? You're already sadly messed up.Any day now, headlines will read, "Rimes attempts to win cheating hubby Cibrian back at any cost-seen crawling on ground begging him to come back to her".


Leann 'Grinds' is sinking pretty low when she even takes advantage of photo opp including children to attempt to display bare boobs! Rimes looks like she's ready to crawl across the table in order for ppl to get a shot of her botched boobs. Greasy with a capital'G'.


Thanks for introducing a little rtainolatiy into this debate.


Actually, Brandi has been pretty good about the situation-which she shouldn't be. Leann and Eddie committed adultery with each other, and continue to do so. In addition, they are making it hard on Brandi with the children by rubbing this all in her face. Brandi also has her issues as well. But the mother is always the mother. The word "Stepmother" should only be used if the mother actually dies. Otherwise, Leann should not have mother in her title. She should have had her own kids with her husband, Dean.

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