Lawyer for Mariah Yeater Calls Out Alleged Baby Daddy

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The Justin Bieber baby drama carousel continues to spin around and around and around...

A day after Robbie Powell claimed to be the father of Mariah Yeater's baby - even volunteering to take his own DNA test as proof - one of Yeater's attorneys has spoken out and accused the young man of being a hypocrite for alleging his client is merely after attention and money.

"If Robbie Powell actually believes and claims he is the father, I suggest he contact me directly," Jeffrey Leving tells TMZ. "Litigating this case in the media and bypassing Mariah's legal team only perpetuates the three-ring circus and accomplishes nothing as I see it."

That's true...and ironic, considering Leving made the statement to the media.

Bieber, to his credit, has remained above the fathering fray. He's issued a couple basic denials, agreed to a paternity test and is now just spending his time spreading holiday cheer via music. Visit the singer's video section to watch his latest performances!


*Either Miss Yeater has *some unresolved issues,or she just does Not care about the Negative effects this mockery of being a mother is going to have on her innocent child!!


This is a sad situation!!
Instead of Mariah Yeater concentrating on the early months of this baby's life with love,nourishing,and guidance, her primary goal appears to be "known as" the mother of Justin Bieber's child. I find it hard to believe that this baby can receive the proper care that a young child so richly deserve when the mother is pursing magazine covers and appointments with attorneys. Either Miss Yeater has so unresolved issues or she is just does Not care about the negative effects this mockery of being a mother is going to have on her innocent child.
"The Bieber" will survive all of this drama, but years from Now Mariah Yeater's life will still be influenced by this story, a drama that she created instead of taking the time to enjoy the early stages of her precious child's life!!


She is so pitiful..justin took the dna test so where are the results? Robbie was in on the scheme with her at 1st and now realizes we aint gettin nowhere with this so he's like fuck it im the real bby daddy. And she needs to keep her hot cock shut if she cant even remember her baby daddy 'little slut' because when it all boils down she is stuck with that baby for the rest of her days...not robbie or justin she is..damn dummy I hate ignorant people always thinkin about what they can get out of someone with money than what they can get from a regular person...


She is not only getting her 15 minutes of fame (by the way why do they say that? Lol I mean come on. Someones fame doesn't last 15 minutes. This girl has been in the media for atleast a month! Lol) she is also getting cash from the media so she can feed that babii. If I have a babii I'll be like KANYE WEST is my babii's father! Lol I bet you the cash would be rollin in lol!


Wow looks like Robbie Powell also wants 15 minutes of fame to himself as well. Seriously a few weeks ago he denied being the babies daddy but know he's like you know what I'm his father. What fucking crap is that. Seriously to get rid of this whole problem they should take the baby away from Mariah and give it to a couple who will actually love and care for the child and not use him for fame and fortune!!


Oh Lord, he is not the daddy. This girl is getting her 15 minutes of fame! If I were famous I wouldnt sleep with random groupies for this very reason. It's kind of pathetic. Thank you random groupie chick for making one more artist scetchy of his's ppl like you that they hate doing meet & greets or signing autographs!!!!

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