Lady Gaga Shows Off Prized Asset in Diddy Coffee Table Book

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Thank you, Diddy. Thank you.

The rapper has, for whatever reason (not that he needed one) released a new coffee table book titled Culo, which means buttocks in Italian. You can guess what's in it.

Diddy, record executive Jimmy Iovine and photographer Raphael Mazzucco teamed up to compile an artistic, memorable 248-page pictorial expose on female butts.

Chief among them? Lady Gaga. Girl's got back, who knew!

Lady Gaga, Butt

Lady Gaga was born this way, baby. Well, sans tattoo.

Yeah. After all her ridiculous fashion over the years, who would have guessed one of the more shocking Lady Gaga photos out there would feature her wearing nothing.

“Raphael is a true artist,” says Diddy of Mazzucco, the man behind the image above.

“He relies on pure instinct, capturing a raw, natural sense of beauty through his lens that celebrates the female form. His work is passionate and powerful.”

That's a verbose way of spinning a book about asses, but we'll buy it.

Actually, no. Sadly, Pippa Middleton does not appear. Boycott it.

Avatar really should be a book with dudes in it not female butts. But I guess diddy do da likes both kinds of butts! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Well let's be nice now, LADY GAGA IS THE S^&% no matter who you are or what you think you know and so dose everyone's . I see it like this "IF YOU WOULD SPEND ALL YOUR TIME WORRING ABOUT HOW FINE SHE IS, You know what, S$#t SHE IS ALL HEART BABY, Now go get your self some of that and a life, Just spend your time the right way and in a positive way and YOU TOO can be just like LADY GAGA Do you thing LADY GAGA you cant please everyone . Just do like you have been doing. "JUST DO YOU" LOVE DIVO :)


We all can agree that Lady GAGa's only asset is her nice bootie and her feminine back waist. Lose that and she will be gone.


@Hmm: That's why I said ALMOST perfect.


@Blaize, are you kidding. She has the flattest, droopiest boobs I've seen on someone her age. There's a reason she's showing off her butt, it's the only thing that's womanly about her. Just saying, and being far from perfect myself, there's no need to be jealous on that account...


Lady Gaga is a perfect example of the term butterface. Her face may not be pretty, but her body is almost perfect. What woman wouldn't want to be built like this? I know I wish I had those curves. Oh well. I guess I need to be content with the few womanly curves I do have...


Lady Ka-Ka are you so poor, you cant afford proper fitting underwear?? Is this the same woman that plays with little children at the church...creepy.


I choose Pipa.


fuck off, shelbs. she's amazing.


god shes ugly

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