Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney: Dating, But "Not Serious"

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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney, who sparked dating rumors after their steamy "You and I" music video hookup, are indeed involved romantically in real life.

That said, things aren't too serious with The Vampire Diaries werewolf due to her other long-term relationship with 15 million Little Monsters. Girl tours a lot!

Interestingly, Lady Gaga’s latest video is said to be a tribute to her ex-boyfriend Luc Carl, for whom she wrote the song, and whom Kinney plays a version of.

Guess a shirtless Taylor Kinney felt like an upgrade ...

The budding relationship between Gaga and Kinney has now been confirmed by multiple sources, however it's also been noted that as of right now, the singer and actor aren’t particularly serious due to hectic work schedules.

Still, based on the video above? Great chemistry!


Piss off!!!!!!!!! Leave her alone. she is NOT dating taylor. She loves Luc. Leave her personal life to her. You people saying mean things are HORRIBLE. You must have some really low self esteem to say things like that. Bullies are LOSERS. -X


Uh what the hell is he thinking? Lost all respect for the guy. Lady GaGa? Tranny look alike? Yuck now I'm stuck with a sour aftertaste in my mouth




I really dont understand what they doing with each other. He is such a loser. And she is just a slut who just wants to have sex with everything. And if its "not serious" then why are they dating at all. They both suck..


Look: this article has nothing to do with anything u said bf. I can tell ur the kind of person to watch shit with a blank face and not even put an ounce of effort into understanding it. I bet you complained right after watching this video. Tbh I don't even see anything vulgar about this video. It's an inocent barn scene with a scientist operating on someone. I mean it isn't Bad Romance or Judas. She is the queen of symbolism and your prob a Katy Perry fan or a Brittney Stan who thinks it's all about competition between fans. She takes serious stories and pits them in silly situations that show her creativity and freedom as another human being.
And as for Taylor, I wish Lady Gaga the best of luck. I just don't want to see her hurt again. That's even if they're really dating. I hope one day Lady Gaga can find true love. And thank you Christina for taking the words out my mouth


This woman, despite whether you love her or hate her, is the most iconic pop star of our generation. Watch her live sometime, she is quite talented and has a beautiful voice. The "vulgarity" in her music videos has to be conveyed in such a way because in order for HER message to be understood correctly, it must be crossing the line. You cannot half ass a message if you are Lady Gaga. She is KNOWN for pushing the boundaries. If she does not cross the line, she is simply Stefani, not Gaga. Therefore, the vulgar in her videos is extremely necessary. Paws up bitches.


Okay I am all for expressing yourself and stuff but really why does she always have to be so vulgar in her video's? She just wants attention and Im sorry this kind of stuff gets you the wrong kind of attention!

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