Kurt Loder Calls Michael Jackson a Child Molester

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Former MTV News anchor Kurt Loder was asked to weigh in on the Conrad Murray verdict this morning in an interview, and shared his thoughts on the situation.

On Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning, Loder was asked if he thought MJ's death was a tragedy. He replied that it was, but that the star was also a child molester, so ...

Here's what Loder said on that topic, unprovoked:

"Its a shame how he grew up ... his childhood was a shame ... there are many sad aspects to his life ... on the other hand, I think he was a child molester," Loder said.

"That sort of tempers any feelings you might have about him."

Asked why he believed MJ molested kids, Loder cited Jackson's bizarre behavior and alleged secret payouts to parents, but did not go into specifics.

Regarding some of Michael's past actions, he said, "Having sleepovers with little boys, and you're a 40 year old man??? Uh, NO. You're like a child molester."

"Maybe being a child molester is the product of a pretty terrible childhood ... you can see why that might happen. On the other hand, molesting children is bad."

Do you agree with Loder's comments? Is he just telling it like it is, or out of line, given that it's unrelated to his death, and the allegations were never proven?


The Peter Pan argument isn't anything new. It's been used by pedophiles for generations. "I'm just like a child, that's why I hang around with boys." And, "I never had a chance to play with kids my age when I was younger, I'm making up for it now." Save it pedophiles. All I know is: Michael Jackson: The boy loving pedophile can no longer go cruising around Ventura Blvd. to pick up boys in his limo. Gave them some candy and bought them gifts, a little Jesus Juice, took them back to Hayvenhurst, you know the rest... That sick rapist was put out of his misery. Once and for all. All the fans denials really make me laugh. I remember reading similar denials on here not too long ago: "MJ aint no drug addict," and "Michael never did drugs."
Yeah, keep living in denial you *****. Your "hero" is dead, so a lot of good all the denying got you. Denial to the point of his death, gotta love the fans. /sarcasm.


Kirt Loder has NEVER liked MJ. Kurt always loved Madonna and always hated MJ for being bigger than Madonna. Look at his interviews when talked about MJ even before the claims. Kurt is a racist pig also. Who cares what he thinks.


Everyone out there will have their own opinion on the MJ saga. I dont wanna believe that he would have done the things he has been accused of! but has anyone mentioned the parents of these children that let their kids stay at a grown mans house, a grown man with no children! And i know for a fact if my kids had been touched or shown anything that would harm them, there is no way i would take a cash settlement! I would do what i could to put that trash behind bars. No amount of money can bring back your childs innoccence! Parents obviously thought that their kid staying the night would bring them a pay day!


go fuck yourself fucking jurk motherfucker !!! U didn't even know smth about him and you are saying that in public ...?! it might me ur opinion but you mustn't say that to a site that is full of MJ's fans ... and of course not yours !!!


MJ was a very mixed up man, no doubt caused by his harsh childhood. I believe he was innocent of any crime against children , he just felt he could relate to them and through them relive the childhood he never had. I am also convinced that sex was a dirty word to him which is why his children are not biologically his. Whether he was gay or not, I don't think Michael himself knew. He was like Peter pan , a child in a man's body that never grew up. He was eccentric , no doubt, but let us remember him for his music and the legacy he has left behind. I'm glad Dr Murray was found guilty, he did cause MJ s death even though it was unintentional. His negligence was extreme and it was the only conclusion the jury could have reached.


Loder proved himself to be unprofessional. I truly understand the freedom of speech but that had noting to with question. I do believe OJ was not guilty no matter what they say. Exactly, nothing to do with the question.


I see your point, but seeing how desperate MJ was for privacy, in his case I would also see why he would opt to pay up instead of going to court even if he was in fact innocent. Be it as it may, I don't think it's OK to accuse someone of child molestation if there's no proof. Everyone knows MJ was eccentric, but being eccentric doesn't prove child molestation, you need something more concrete to spew out charges like that.


the fact is mj is innocent,the father of the kid killd him self after mj's death because his son said it was a lie...so shut up and let him rest in peace. he is dead.goshh


Michael Jackson Is a gay black kid trapped in a black man body who yearns to be a white kid growing up so he invited kids over for slumber party and built his own zoo with monkey as his pet which is a typical kid dream. Reality: society (like parents) should never allow an adult man to have a slumber party with little kids. I Blame The stupid parents to allow their kids to spend a night at a rich man's house. Michael is too nice to molest little boy, but being gay, he probably jerk off his gay penis thinking off his young male friends.


If someone accused me of molestation & I had the money & means to fight it I would. I would never pay off anyone if I didn't do it. It's not like he was accused of slapping someone, then I would pay you off & say adios. But child molestation is a harsh accusation that if you innocent you would defend yourself not just pay someone to be quiet. Screams quilt. No matter how talented & sad his life was, being a child molester is a horrible crime.


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