Kurt Loder Calls Michael Jackson a Child Molester

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Former MTV News anchor Kurt Loder was asked to weigh in on the Conrad Murray verdict this morning in an interview, and shared his thoughts on the situation.

On Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning, Loder was asked if he thought MJ's death was a tragedy. He replied that it was, but that the star was also a child molester, so ...

Here's what Loder said on that topic, unprovoked:

"Its a shame how he grew up ... his childhood was a shame ... there are many sad aspects to his life ... on the other hand, I think he was a child molester," Loder said.

"That sort of tempers any feelings you might have about him."

Asked why he believed MJ molested kids, Loder cited Jackson's bizarre behavior and alleged secret payouts to parents, but did not go into specifics.

Regarding some of Michael's past actions, he said, "Having sleepovers with little boys, and you're a 40 year old man??? Uh, NO. You're like a child molester."

"Maybe being a child molester is the product of a pretty terrible childhood ... you can see why that might happen. On the other hand, molesting children is bad."

Do you agree with Loder's comments? Is he just telling it like it is, or out of line, given that it's unrelated to his death, and the allegations were never proven?


Oh btw creative song :P Very catchy but I think Katy Perry would sing that better. I just can't see Micheal singing it.


why won't they stop saying all this rubbish stuf about MJ.
He is my hero, he loves kids and they keep using it to paint him black with all sort of lies.
Am even sure that are these lies was among the cause of his death and they stil won't let him rest in peace.


Loder...thinks, believes, cited alleged! Loder you were interviewed in the right format, Hollywood GOSSIP. Enough said. Loder doesn't warrant any more of my time.


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Child molester YES, anyone in sane mind knows it.Countless situations to prove it, and a lot of money on agreements out of court. Freaky as hell, bizarre, drug addict, no matter how talented he once has been.Just have a look at what this man's face turned into! Who can ignore he was obviously living hell on earth lately? May he rest in peace now.


Are you Micheal? No.
Ever had a convo with Micheal? No. Otherwise you wouldn't be on this site.
Have you ever met Micheal? Probably not.
Do you watch the media and believe everything they say? Hopefully not, but mostlikely true.
Thankyou for taking this time to think. Now you can't say he is guilty for you have no proof yourself. Don't say the media said this... ect. YOU don't have the proof to make judgement. None of us do. We only have a theory of what we think.


Kurt Loder has more honor than most men. Good for him for saying it like it is. Call a spade a spade. Look at the facts for what they are. This article does more to affirm the fact that many in the media kept quiet about what Michael Jackson did, simply because he was a popular musician. I wonder what else is going to come out about that child rapist known as Michael Jackson? Time will tell.


And also, the 1993 case was a lie. Why do you think the boy did not want to come to court in 2005? It is a trip. Go away haters. Think what you want.


Truth is in the and the other idoit. See these two fools prove my point. Fools who talk about MJ bases on tabloid lies, false claims, and their own thoughts. the only pedophiles are you two fools. And yes, I was in court in 2005 for the MJ trial. Believe me, it all was LIE even the reporters knew then it was lie. That was why Geraldo, Valez-Mitchell, and many others in the media included some folks at Foxnews (we know foxnews folks hardly defend anyone) defended MJ. Enuf said.


MJ never molested no child. I have notice people who like to accused Jackson of being a pedo often make up lies and talks about things that are not true, tabloid rumors, etc. The doctor is going to roit. Who cares what people think. MJ is a staint and is being held as such. If MOST people really thought MJ really abused a child, MJ would not be praised by people as they are doing now. Even the CHILDREN SCHOOL in California has put MJ name back on the building and knew they were WRONG. Who cares what HATERS Like KUrt Loder and few idoits on this board think. YOur views is NOT going to stop the love that people have for MJ. WHo cares what you think.


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