Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn Sex Scene: So Much Thrusting!

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It may be the most anticipated scene in the history of cinema: on their wedding night in Breaking Dawn, Edward and Bella have sex.

Expect it to be sensual and passionate, those involved with the film say, with director Bill Condon admitting recently he had to edit these shots down in order to procure a PG-13 rating from the MPAA. For what reason?

"There are guidelines on thrusting intercourse," he told Celebuzz, detailing of the shoot: "[Kristen] got very into it."

Well, can you blame the girl?!? You have seen Robert Pattinson, haven't you?

Condon adds that the sex scene is really more about "romance" than "hot-and-heavy action," so it wasn't difficult to make the proper adjustments and avoid an R rating. But the real question remains: Will the full, original, thrust-filled version be available on the eventual director's cut?

Pray, Twihards. Pray.

Breaking Dawn Wedding Night!

So agree, Roseanna! I love Twilight! The haters always end up on the Twilight pages! Why?! I'm always saying leaves us twilight lovers alone!!! But they are so stubborn and downright cruel and hateful! For fun? That's sick! They, like Lola need to get the hell off and let us Twi-hards(like me) enjoy this amazing, great movie! It is fantasy, we do know that! I totally love it!! Like you said, some people(the haters) think we don't know that! Lol!!! I have a wonderful imagination and these movies do seem real to me because of it!! So, I love pale vampires! To lola, I think they are Hot! Especially Edward!!! Also, this movie means a lot to twihards and twilight lovers! So Lola and company, take the hint, like Roseanna and I said, STOP coming to this link! Also, if any haters do show up, I hope they are the last in line! But after they see the movie, they will love it!!!


If u had any intellegence at all Lola u would skip the link instead u came back an replied....As I suspected u would lol!....So u read Hollywood gossip cause its your thing right? Well u must not have a life since u have to be into all the celeb gossip...U obviously give a shit cause there you are again running your mouth about twilight...We get it right from the start Vampires are fictional but we like it anyway...Leave the twi-hard fans alone!!! Lol!!! AN THIS GOES TO THE REST OF U IDOTS HATING ON TWILIGHT.... I think its hilarious when idiots on this page who claims to hate Twilight know so much about the movie...Just admit u Love it !!!Lol!!! Am I right Twihards???


Bella should be with Jacob:) for sure!




What an intense moment. I guess Kristen was really into it. Duh! I guess I would have been too with the gorgeous Rob Pattinson in front of me! Whew, makes me hot just to think about it. Imagination girls!! That's our favorite pastime.


I can't wait to see it


I'm just tired of waiting to see the movie. I love breaking dawn the most of all the books. I wish they would have kept the sex scene the same but i understand the reason why they cut it. Breaking dawn is much more mature. I have my tickets ready. I'm praying as a loyal twihard it goes to dvd next year. 13 more days to go.


Wow there ya go gettin all psycho about movie characters and gross pale skeletal actors. Thats my point why do u all take this crap seriously. Its a movie and there is a real world out there...offline. I read hollywood gossip and dont give a shit about twilight. Yikes! Have a nice afternoon.


With Kristin Stewart sex scene, it gets very interesting when the uncut DVD gets release in 2012.


Agree with Sarah! If you have nothing good to say about this amazing movie or the others, please shut up! Don't comment! I don't know why you all come here to hurt twilight fans! It's wrong! I wouldn't slam your fav movie, but now I might! Btw, Kristen is one of the top rated young actresses and Rob is totally gorgeous and is also top rated! Twilight was a beautiful, brilliant movie! As was New Moon,Eclipse and Breaking Dawn will be! So all you slammers and bashers and haters Stop commenting, stop coming to the Twilight pages! You are sick for hurting people!

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