Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn Sex Scene: So Much Thrusting!

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It may be the most anticipated scene in the history of cinema: on their wedding night in Breaking Dawn, Edward and Bella have sex.

Expect it to be sensual and passionate, those involved with the film say, with director Bill Condon admitting recently he had to edit these shots down in order to procure a PG-13 rating from the MPAA. For what reason?

"There are guidelines on thrusting intercourse," he told Celebuzz, detailing of the shoot: "[Kristen] got very into it."

Well, can you blame the girl?!? You have seen Robert Pattinson, haven't you?

Condon adds that the sex scene is really more about "romance" than "hot-and-heavy action," so it wasn't difficult to make the proper adjustments and avoid an R rating. But the real question remains: Will the full, original, thrust-filled version be available on the eventual director's cut?

Pray, Twihards. Pray.

Breaking Dawn Wedding Night!

I just want to thank all the haters out there leaving comments on this topic ....Your reviews are making the Twilight Saga even more popular..Thank You for your support!!! Lol! Keep them comming!!!


Imma 31 years old and african american and,mother&a die hard twilight fan.I loooovvvvee twilight. I just wish dhe would and some multiple races of for the as scene we all know kids that age are sexual edward is tall what women wouldn't wanna pound sum tall sexy man who worships her so quit hatin abd let bella get her groove on.shit tgey should say swicth and sumhow let jzcob get his sixteen pack muscular. Groove on so she could actually pick who's better for her.being real we know the better ass the longer and better the relationship. I'm just not shame to say it.cuz I'm real like j.ho oops I mean j.lo n ja rules song!!!!!!!laughin way to hard to say lmao.peace n love n great sex!!!!I'm outtie


first- the books are way better than the movie. second- kristen stewart just ruins the movie with her acting(shes a great actress, just not in this film)..but i still watch them anyway. Third- why the hell are all the haters posting comments, why'd u come 2 this page in the first place? you must be curious about the scene two, or u just have no life and decided u'd just make fun of twi-hards...pathetic?i think so.


Are you kidding me. No brainer make to versions on R and one PG-13.
Afer all this is what we have all waited for. All women long for the way Edward treats Bella.


Emily is the reason it was cut out and thank goodness for that.


I hate when people try to ruin everyone else fun. @ lola if you don't like twilight why even post a comment. I don't really care for twilight or understand the obsession over it but i'm not going to ruin the fun for the fans. That's like going to a twilight premiere and complaining the entire time. I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT.


Well, they had to nip and tuck to keep a PG13 rating or they would have lost a whole audience market share. Don't forget, the books were written for teens. Keep hoping that when it finally comes to DVD/Blue-Ray, that there is a director's cut or extended/deleted scenes can only dream.........


Well, you know they had to have the PG13 rating otherwise it would have cut out a whole audience market share. The books were originally written for teens. So, all you can do is wait for the director's cut or when they reissue some deleted or extended scenes for those who want the whole banana so to speak. LOL!


Once again u ppl are acting crazy over twilight. I am entitled to write twilight sucks if i want to cuz thats my opinion. Its a waste of space on the site if u ask me. U all are excited about a sex scene. Kinda perverted. Ill write as many times as i want. Cant believe hos keep writing lola this and lola that. Im not the only one who thinks twilight is DUMB. Go defend human righs ar somethin not fake drama and ill write opinions if i choose to. Have a nice day all.


I love twlight and im 10 its amazing jacob is sexy

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