Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn Sex Scene: So Much Thrusting!

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It may be the most anticipated scene in the history of cinema: on their wedding night in Breaking Dawn, Edward and Bella have sex.

Expect it to be sensual and passionate, those involved with the film say, with director Bill Condon admitting recently he had to edit these shots down in order to procure a PG-13 rating from the MPAA. For what reason?

"There are guidelines on thrusting intercourse," he told Celebuzz, detailing of the shoot: "[Kristen] got very into it."

Well, can you blame the girl?!? You have seen Robert Pattinson, haven't you?

Condon adds that the sex scene is really more about "romance" than "hot-and-heavy action," so it wasn't difficult to make the proper adjustments and avoid an R rating. But the real question remains: Will the full, original, thrust-filled version be available on the eventual director's cut?

Pray, Twihards. Pray.

Breaking Dawn Wedding Night!

ai naku .. ang pangit talaga... usually mga teenage lang cguro ang gustong makita ang patalastas.. LOSER!!!!!


I luv twilight!! I just wish u didn't have to wait so long for the other one to come out!! And the movies don't even hold a candle to the books soo much more detail!! Thats what I personally can't stand,that u get all this detail in the books and not the movie! I loved the movies don't get me wrong but i'm always left disappointed because if u read the books first u have in ur mind what ur expectations are. I think kristen stewart really can't act and i'm not talking about how they portray her character in the book to the movie. I'm talking about her actual ACTING skills!! There are so many actors out there that no matter what character they are in you feel the character with them. I just think kristen needs more acting under her belt. I think she is bland and her acting is kinda lifeless. I don't believe in the character she is trying to pull off! On that note now I just can't wait for breaking dawn part 2!!


oh and kristen stewart is PERFECT as bella, like rosanna sed :P
and im sure many of the twi-hards on this site who still go to skool wud drop out just to meet these guys, and i mean rpatz ;) once again, FIT XD just a little message from the UK lol


umm anyone who comments on here who doesnt like twilight is stupid. nuff sed.
and the book wasnt even that saucy anyway, dont get me wrong, i LUUUURRRVVE twilight - and rob, he's FIT - but i dont see y ppl r saying it shud be rated R cos the books wernt even rude, they cant be cos they are for teens.
im sure the movies gunna be to die for and im practically gunna faint when it starts but i think itl be saucy enough considering the books, i mean, it showed the breaking of the head board in the trailer right? and other than that and 'sinking into the water' and making out nothing rude happened in the book. oh, and laughing while doin 'it'. but thts in the second half... wen it gets all the more interesting XD


dang..rosanna is mean nobody state your opinion cuz the twilight bully is here.


Those love scenes were gomna be the cherry on top but now and that 'lol' thing was funny


Thanks Lei !!! As for Sue ....You've got to be the biggest DUMBASS on this page lol! (LAUGHING OUT LOUD) Thanks for the great laugh!!!Oh...Have you heard the saying: If you having nothing nice to say...Don't say it at all.... Well in your case: If you have nothing smart to say shut the f**k Up....Lmfao!!!!


@ Sue.... "LOL" is the abbreviation for "laughing out loud" Dumbass... do your research before you start insulting people's intelligence..thanks!


Rosanna, It's just a damn shame we can't all be as smart as you, isn't it? For instance, laugh out loud is not spelled lol. Take your anger and go back to school.


They put out an unrated Mr & Mrs Smith and Bad Teacher why not BD. Can't imagine what all the hype is about NONE of us would be here without the sex! As for our vamps not being able to "get it up" cuz they are stone the guide it's a tell all! 11/18 can't get here soon enough. I know where I will be @12am tickets already in hand!

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