Kris Humphries Stunned by Divorce Filing, Father Claims

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Kris Humphries got married on television to a reality star whose entire life is decided by her manager and her mother. But the NBA power forward's father insists: his son did NOT see a divorce from Kim Kardashian coming.

"There was never a discussion about it - it just came out of nowhere and blindsided Kris," William Humphries tells Life & Style. "How could someone do that? Kris was completely surprised. The news was already published before he found out!"

But why didn't Kris just check the script for season two of Kourtney & Kim Take New York?

Kim Kardashian on Life & Style Kover

Kardashian allegedly warned family and friends about the announcement prior to making it, but a friend says Kris was so hurt by being left out of the decision-making process that he refused to speak to Kim until she visited him in Minnesota at the behest of her PR team.

"Kris told me that Kim was texting him a lot, but he wouldn't respond," this pal claims. "They did speak briefly the day the split was announced - but only because Kim was apparently pissed that Kris had released his own statement."


kim u re such a whore a fake nd a lier, girl u dnt need to do all dis things to shoe u re reali a slut. Wel plz take it easy.


Kris Humphries was arrogant, controlling and mean to his wife on the reality TV show. So how did he treat her when the cameras weren't rolling?? No wonder she bailed so quickly. She doesn't want to stay in a bad relationship like her sister Kourtney. Kris seems to like hanging with Scott Disick.....and being mean to his wife the same as Scott is to Kourt.


wHY IS kRIS STunned....probally cos he was blind. Wake up ,open your third eye, your wifey is happily married to her money and stinky fame family. she is well and sound. The mordern brady family of trash and dirty vulgar filth...oh my God they are sooooo sweet. Royalty...royalty...step aside.


Kris is on the downlow and mommy Kris needs to be on the downlow..


Funny how Kris H is on the's all BS.


thats wut u call bullshit. I think Kris's dad should NOT speak publicly about sumthn he has NO knowledge of, b/c for 1, Kris made a statement 2 E! That him & Kim had discussed divorce, but he didnt kno she was actually gonna go thru with it. So can u say "fame"!?!? She should've waited b4 jump'n n2 sumthn, but im sure she learned a lesson... Hopefully. Ppl r dogg'n her 4 gett'n a divorce,but we dont kno wut went on behind closed doors, so i'll keep my 10cents out of it

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