Kris Humphries Hires Divorce Attorney

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Kris Humphries is preparing for battle.

The power forward, who reportedly had been refusing to go through with his divorce from Kim Kardashian, has now hired Lee Hutton, a Minnesota-based attorney who represents a number of pro athletes.

Kris H.

But where is Humphries?

"He doesn't want a war. He's lying low," a source tells E! News about the free agent, who is still without a job, as the NBA lockout extends into Thanksgiving.

A war, meanwhile, is evidently taking place within the Kardashian household. A new report cites major tension between Kim and her siblings, as they are sick of her fake, attention-starved ways. Kris Jenner, conversely, couldn't be more proud of her daughter.



Continue the decline of the Kardashians!! Unfollower Kim K on Twitter!!!! JUSTICE for Kris!!!!!!!!!!!


All is fair in love and war!!
Because Kim K. and Mama Pimp Kris Jenner demanded a prenuptial agreement that benefited Kim K. more than Kris Humphries, maybe he should take off his gentleman's cap and void that agreement. If Kim K.
can be so in the mud dirty and file for divorce within 9 and 1/2 weeks
of marriage, it seems that the prenup can be tossed out because of fraud on the part of the blushing bride who only used Kris H. for publicity and financial gain. He should be able to sue her for spousal support considering the fact that he has No incoming salary. For richer,and for poorer are part of the wedding vows. If these two former lovebirds uttered those words during the ceremony, then Kim K. should be held responsible for spousal support for Kris H. PEACE!!


I knew it wont work out from day one. kim u're not really ready for this sacrament cald marriage u know this truth inside of u.just forget Marriage and be yourself-a free no commitment relatinship woman.Rember u're not your sisters that are sort of reserved. Joy from Nigeria


Kris don't need Lawyer he needs KAT SCAN!


BOYCOTT anything and everything KKK Kim Kardashian Klan - we can bring this cash cow empire down.
Restore dignity - end the propaganda gravy train built on porno and pimping.
The KKK has enough millions to last multiple life times - it is a disgrace to our country, our economy and spits in the faces of so many talented, skilled citizens who need jobs, their homes, security for their children - if we allow this propaganda to continue and our society to be robbed.
BOYCOTT - E network, Ryan Seacrest, Magazines, Books, book publishers, Ripped of styles/clothing lines, Movie appearances, any appearances - that means everything and anything, everyone and anyone,
who features KKK - put Kris Jenner to bed.


Kim is very materialistic and no one is surprised that her diamond earrings are more important than her vows. if kim is not careful she may bring down the whole kardashian empire.
TO KRIS JENNER- I have to agree with the majority that you have almost destroyed your older children's lives, please leave Bruces two beautiful daughters out of it. Let team have normal lives.


Amusing to read all of these comments. I just think that whilst we all have our opinions the k family sit in their wealthy homes thinking of ways to bring this one to an end... The more attention they get the better for them (any publicity...) while the rest of the world struggles to make ends meet. As for watching any of their shows, I'd rather watch paint dry!! Nevertheless, this last move is going to cost them, Kris H is not dumb, but he was played.


Its a good thing 2 do kris.after all u en kim cud neva ave worked out regardless of what. I knew u were incompatible from the day i saw u 2 together.u r too tall 4 her,she always struggled 2 reach your lips en trust mi its too much work to live lifting legs throughout her life.u shd ave grabbed the gorilla b4 lamar if u so wanted to be one of the kardashians.sorri cute boy,but thus wats up.


wow i love kris humphries he is sexy guy cute but kim is stupid girl she want to show the world she love men for money

Cheryl geppert

I hope he takes HALF of Kim's earnings! He deserves it! I think he needs to sue her based on fraud!

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