Kris Humphries: Angry, Sad and Shocked

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Forget about Kim Kardashian for a moment. Or for a lifetime, many are urging.

What is going on with Kris Humphries these days? How does he feel about the Divorce Heard Around the World? OK! Weekly claims to have the answer.

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“He really thought she just gave up too quickly and didn’t even try,” an insider tells the tabloid. “It came out of nowhere — he really didn’t see the divorce coming. He’s angry and also very sad.”

Things have been "painful" for Humphries, this source adds. Heck, he doesn't even have a job these days because there's no end in sight to the NBA lockout.

“He feels like no one cares what he has to say or wants to hear his side of the story because Kim is a bigger celebrity,” says the friend. “People care more about her.”

And in related news, the sky is blue and Lindsay Lohan has had a few problems with the law.


Oh c'mon y'all everything is all planned, the wedding, the divorce! And more so Kris deserve it, he was in this charade for publicity so am not sorry for either of them now their facing major backlash and media scrutiny... I say the sooner we forget they exist the better it is that we can get on with our lives *not that mine stopped* lol
Kris knew what he was getting into he knew Kim didn't care for him there was no chemistry between them on the show, I bet kim wanted Reggie to pull this stunt and he said hell no that's why he left! The kardashian family are a hot mess and they deserve each other,am jus wondering when will Bruce step in and say enough is enough!!!.. oh well maybe he enjoys playin hugh heffner with all his lil sl*t bunnies. People wake up its all for entertainment and money!


I'm not clear on what went on in this story about Kim vs Kris but I'm so disappointed on Kim for not trying hard to save the marriage. Why did she have to do such a lavish wedding, just to compete with Kate Middleton, I think the whole thing was fake and so much money, media attention and friends that were deceived, to me it was so disgraceful on her part to have done such a beautiful wedding for nothing! I bet if she marries again it will never be the same and also people will not be interested to watch so she better not air it in case she finds another fool to propose again which I doubt it.


I agree with the rest of the posters. I would have loved to have been able to hear his side of the story. People are getting really sick of Kim K and the telling of his side would have been refreshing, since there's always two sides to every story.


Kim is still a tramp. At least he is rid of the trash.


OK! I WANT to hear his side! I bet it's more beliavable than hers (which is non-sense)


Next time, hopefully he'll propose to a woman who is NOT just a common slut whose only interest is MONEY & the spotlight.


He should get an anullment since its obvious she never intended on keeping this commitment.Usually when something like this happens the person keeps a low profile. She should be ashamed of herself she never skipped a beat.


Kris was a jerk. did he really think Kim would move to his home town, when she is the only one who has a job. He was not nice to her, alway trying to put her down. I am shocked that she stayed with him that long. He really needs to grow up. His like with Kim could have been really good if he would have tried to fit in instead of acting like a bully.

Ms billie

If he didn't see the divorce coming he must have had his eyes closed. Boohoo he doesn't even have a job these days because of the NBA Lockout, seriously I don't think that's Kim's fault. Sounds to me like he wanted someone to take care of him and it fell through. He needs to grow up be a man and stop the whining "poor me" to get attention.


I would much rather read about Kris' side of the story than have to read anything about Kim everrrr!!! I'd love for him to do interviews and expose all of her family's lies.

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