Kris Humphries: Angry, Sad and Shocked

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Forget about Kim Kardashian for a moment. Or for a lifetime, many are urging.

What is going on with Kris Humphries these days? How does he feel about the Divorce Heard Around the World? OK! Weekly claims to have the answer.

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“He really thought she just gave up too quickly and didn’t even try,” an insider tells the tabloid. “It came out of nowhere — he really didn’t see the divorce coming. He’s angry and also very sad.”

Things have been "painful" for Humphries, this source adds. Heck, he doesn't even have a job these days because there's no end in sight to the NBA lockout.

“He feels like no one cares what he has to say or wants to hear his side of the story because Kim is a bigger celebrity,” says the friend. “People care more about her.”

And in related news, the sky is blue and Lindsay Lohan has had a few problems with the law.


no matter how one look at the situation kim never give her marrige a chance she uses kris an then dump him (wicked)kim


i love the kardashians if you are jealous of them why not pray to God to be like them kim did the wright thing kim i love you and your family and you have my support go girl


Kris is a dick, he's rude, obnoxious and was disrespectful. Kim really should have looked deeper at the weeks before the wedding. He was selfish with his time, didn't give 2 shits about registering, tux fittings, was always late for everything. Thats not love. I disagree with who said he wanted her for her $ and when he had no job she filed. I have a fiance that hasnt worked since February and is having his 4th spinal fusion tomorrow. Do u see me kicking him to the curb? No... I don't blame her one bit. I dont care for her too much, Khloe is my fave. She says it the way it is... Kris karma just bit u in the ass. You never deserved Kim.


I gotta say, Kris acts like his shit dont stink.. Kim Kardashian is being smart cuz next thing you know she could end up in a situation like Britney Spears and that would suck..


Unless you're the moronic/idiotic/stupid Kartrashian fan that seriously needs a lobotomy or brain transplant, please everyone go to "GOPETITION.COM" and sign "NO MORE KARDASHIANS" so we won't have to see this disgustingly greedy family on TV anymore.


May Almighty God forgive this family,they should give their life to Jesus Christ. Because the kingdom of God is at hand, Jesus is coming, and we should always pray for future partner for God Guidance.


k. i .. llk is so spoiled rotten shes only makin herself a big joke. kloe n lamar r so beautiful together n so much more interesting


Stay away from my people nigga trash, go back to your white folk if they will even take you back.


I just have to add one more comment, and this is a big thankyou to the lady who started the petition. Stay strong as you have many supporters. The disgrace that these shows have brought into the homes of families is horrifying. A woman who begs to be Americas goddess is as dark as satan himself. The motivation this family has to be worshiped turns my stomach. I am sorry for the people she uses and abuses. I thank God for this petition and the courage to start it. you are making it happen. thankyou from the bottom of my heart.


I read that in their pre-nup, kris agreed to a confidential agreement. He was a total idiot for signing that.

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