Kourtney Kardashian: Pregnant Again!

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Kim Kardashian may be destined to never procreate, but she's about to become an aunt for the second time.

Kourtney Kardashian announced today - via a statement to E! News and an Us Weekly cover story, of course: cha-ching! - that she and Scott Disick will soon be parents again.

"Scott and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second child and are thrilled to be expanding the love in our family," she said, adding that she's nine weeks along and, yes, one is supposed to wait until one is 12 weeks along to tell the public, but: "I'm confident."

Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Cover

And here's an incredible coincidence: the pregnancy takes place just as the oldest Kardashian sibling is kicking off an E! Online-sponsored Web series titled Kourtney's Mommy Blog. Look for her to share stories on there about Mason, while offering parenting and fashion advice to other mothers, who apparently have absolutely nowhere else to go.

Welcome to the Kardashian world, unborn baby. Your mom is already making money off of you.

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@jerry your such a jerk. Fuck off man you sarcasm is sooo fucked up just like how the tension in the room was when your mom popped you out!!


What good for them I wonder if it's a boy again


Good thing her sister got preggos to take the heat off Kim!


Rank, children know when things are going on. We see only a little bit of what actually goes on and we see nothing that goes on with their child...you do not know what happens in the middle of the night when darkness falls on their house. When the cameras go off and the real kardashians come out from under their rock. mason and and any children that comes after him will undoubtly be effected by what is going on in his family.Their family is not normal. I WILL BE PRAYING FOR THOSE CHILDREN.THEY WILL NEED EVERY PRAYER WE CAN SPARE.


About the miscarriage tho, thts straight up ignorant


@chi chi, ur so right. But I wish her the best, kids r a real blessing


you have nothing better to do with your time then spend it watching this show.feel sorry for you.you need to get a life of your own and stop living your life through make believe. If you were standing in front of her she would not give you the time of day. you are a loser to her because you are not branded correctly.


Don't make this about you!! Just because your parents realized too late you shudda been swallowed, don't spew your negativity around.


Kourt & Scott (amazingly) are good parents. Mason is healthy & happy and that is all anyone should be concerned about.
I'm a fan of these Khloe & Kourtney because they've been smart enough to keep their real dirt on the low, unlike SupaFreak Kim. C'mon people be honest, if your sister was granted instant celebrity for showing the world that a pretty girl can't fuck and could bring you along, we'd all go along for the ride! No pun intended.


wow a baby again so happy for you;]]

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