Kourtney Kardashian: Pregnant Again!

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Kim Kardashian may be destined to never procreate, but she's about to become an aunt for the second time.

Kourtney Kardashian announced today - via a statement to E! News and an Us Weekly cover story, of course: cha-ching! - that she and Scott Disick will soon be parents again.

"Scott and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second child and are thrilled to be expanding the love in our family," she said, adding that she's nine weeks along and, yes, one is supposed to wait until one is 12 weeks along to tell the public, but: "I'm confident."

Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Cover

And here's an incredible coincidence: the pregnancy takes place just as the oldest Kardashian sibling is kicking off an E! Online-sponsored Web series titled Kourtney's Mommy Blog. Look for her to share stories on there about Mason, while offering parenting and fashion advice to other mothers, who apparently have absolutely nowhere else to go.

Welcome to the Kardashian world, unborn baby. Your mom is already making money off of you.

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For the people that hate the kardashians but still have the time to search for news about them are confused individuals.
By the way,who would not want to be famous and make millions from not having a talent, it beats having a 9-5.


@ hyn; no, there will be no marriage. she DOESNT WANT TO MARRY HIM. and yes, a baby IS a blessing. unless all you do is plan to exploit him/her.


I can count on one hand how many times I've watched the show and it's obvious to me that Kourt and Scott aren't that into eachother. It is sad because the kids will eventually see their divorce and loveless marriage. I wish them the best of luck for the kids sake, but maybe they should do whats best for the kids and get off the air!!! Money isn't worth fakeness and maybe they'd be better together without all the cameras in their face.


KOURTNEY DOES NOT NEED ANOTHER KID!!! I mean her and scott RARELY even sleep in the same bed, next to scott keeps slipping of the sober wagon and he is so fucking immature. Kourtney gets mad at scott and brings in a naked yoga instructor. Does another kid really need to be brought into this?? I feel sorry for Mason as it is already. This is all crazy ass shit....




Lol amy, my friend if I ever found this web page is because it poped as new news on my metro phone so I clicked....nways yes I was bored so I posted whats on my precious mind, and for the record, no honey even if I had the chance I wouldnt do what they do a porno video to become noticed is not my thing neither is having a FAKE reality tv show..im not money hungry something the kardashians cant say. :)


veri- You are calling people dumb and lifeless but you are posting on comment boards for shows you claim not to watch. people saying congrats is just putting good energy out there, something you wouldnt know about. Famous people do google themselves, so get on with your angry internet posts and let people send their reguards. money pits? if most you people had the opportunity to do what they are doing, you would. they are business people and while you are crying about them, they are planning their childrens futures and early retirements. Love them or hate them, you fuel their fire :)


Are you people serious!? "congrats kourt" blah blah blah you people are dumb lol as if any of the kardashians will EVER read any of these postings...ppl get real.shit the kardashians make money off dummb lifeless ppl like u who got nothing else to do but to watch their FAKE "Reality" tv episides.get a life!


Congratz kourt!!!! hope this 1 is as cute as Mason!!!!


HEy what bout Khloe? Surprised she's not preggos yet.

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