Kourtney Kardashian: Pregnant Again!

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Kim Kardashian may be destined to never procreate, but she's about to become an aunt for the second time.

Kourtney Kardashian announced today - via a statement to E! News and an Us Weekly cover story, of course: cha-ching! - that she and Scott Disick will soon be parents again.

"Scott and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second child and are thrilled to be expanding the love in our family," she said, adding that she's nine weeks along and, yes, one is supposed to wait until one is 12 weeks along to tell the public, but: "I'm confident."

Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Cover

And here's an incredible coincidence: the pregnancy takes place just as the oldest Kardashian sibling is kicking off an E! Online-sponsored Web series titled Kourtney's Mommy Blog. Look for her to share stories on there about Mason, while offering parenting and fashion advice to other mothers, who apparently have absolutely nowhere else to go.

Welcome to the Kardashian world, unborn baby. Your mom is already making money off of you.

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For all the dummys she's marry scott hopefully b4 new years If ya haven't kept up n she can have all the babys she wants she has the money better then tge dick heads out here who have babys with diffent, men and can't afford shit


I agree with cindthia!!! You all should mind your own damn business!!!!


you guys need to stop talking shit about kourtney its not your business what she does.... little bitches


you guys are f n stupid


oh i don't know why but kourt and scott are an interesting couple at least for me i really hope that their relationship work out . and many congrats to Kourt and scott for their second child


why should kourt be making babies with a man she fears to marry because of his character. she should remember she might be reproducing that same genes she claims to be afraid of. pse marry scot and stop treating him like a sperm donor


uggh she havin anotha baby!! well dangg i hope sccott finds a gurll wayy betta than kourtney she i a paranoid, controlling, heartless bitch! she too busy wit mason scott mine as well let her goo cuzz the more kids she has the less time for him!! lets face it Kourtney dont even want scott! he luvs her soo much and she pushin him away god bless baby mason, scott, and khloe!


you re not smart but just say hi to your only smart sister(khloe) and tell her am praying for her that her baby is coming. kourt please leave tv and dnt marry scott because he his leaving you after 72days


Congrats Kourt!


First of all congrats kourt on the second baby! And I think you and scott will do wonderfull on this child to, you guys got your diffences but you guys always work it out for mason. I think that its great that you guys are having a second child. I'm happy for both of you guys! Congrats kourt & scott!! Team kardashian all the way!! :) can't wait to see how cute this baby is!

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