Klash of the Kardashians: Kamp vs. Kamp!

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Since Kim Kardashian announced her intention to divorce Kris Humphries, this reality star has not merely been fighting against a public that now questions the sincerity of her every word... but against family members that are also aghast at her actions, according to the latest In Touch Weekly at least.

Kardashians Destroyed!

“The family has split into two camps since the divorce – Kim and her mom versus the rest of the family, who are really angry at her,” an insider says. “Encouraged by her mom, Kim has become a fame-addicted, money-hungry monster. She has lost touch with reality.”

Some onlooker named Hannah Smith claims that Kim didn't leave Australia last week because she couldn't handle the press tour; but because she couldn't handle her own sister!

“Khloe was mad because Kim was trying to look sad. She was telling Kim that people would see right through it, and Kim was only making things worse," Smith says, adding that the sisters ended up "swearing" at each other.

The Kardashians are set to hold a “series of crisis meetings,” the tabloid writes, as they look to find a common ground and forge ahead as one cohesive unit.

No doubt, cameras will be present for them.


theyre so gross...


I'm tired of these horrible comments about the Kardashian's they human too just because they're celebrities dosnt mean they're super-human if you made a mistake you wouldn't like your family and friends posting rude comments about you on some site, so what makes you think they like it remember people celebrities aren't super-human


Her sister Khloe and the stink mouth Kourtney have a lot of hot air to say considering they are cunning and horrible sisters, who are SPOILT, EVIL AND ROTTEN TO THE CORE. They have no sense of values themselves. Kourtney sleeps with Scott and has a child with him, and shes not even taken in marriage vows...THEY ARE NON THE BETTER THAN KIM. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK and all others that admire them and support them.


Kim money can't hold you at night. With your track record you are not the kind of girl any man will be proud to call his wife and mean it. Men want a women that is respectful and deserve respect, a wife is women a man can trust, a women who cares about him. Kim it's always about you. Don't hold me, don't kiss me, don't mess up your hair becuase there might be a comera somewhere. Seriously all you will ever have is your mother holding you as long as you continue to pay $$$ her. Sorry but it's true at 31 yrs old and you have not made a sound decision of your own yet. There is no reality in your life none.


Amusing to read all of these comments. I just think that whilst we all have our opinions the k family sit in their wealthy homes thinking of ways to bring this one to an end... The more attention they get the better for them (any publicity...) while the rest of the world struggles to make ends meet. As for watching any of their shows, I'd rather watch paint dry!! Nevertheless, this last move is going to cost them, Kris H is not dumb, but he was played.


I called it. I knew that Kris and Kim would not make it.. I was watching the wedding and I said to my teenage son there is no way that relationship will ever work because he is too sarcastic...and my son was shocked when he heard the news and his mom was right, helped me..Sandy (BSW)


No one has asked this question. But if Kim thought she should have backed out of this marriage, before it took place as she claims - is it not a possible move for Kris to file an annulment under "fraud"? I loved Kris - he told Kim how her family was; she couldn't take it - and neither could Kloe. Kim should go to therapy and learn what she needs to about herself before she ever gets involved in another relationship again.


I've seen/heard a lot of people say they're not going to watch their show(s) anymore, hope you can keep your word!


The Kardashians are only about money. They have no class and they know it, they just laugh at us while they look at their bank accounts. Remember Kris Jenner has two teen daughters that she has already started orchestrating their pr moves. She is a pimp and has instilled in her children that whatever you do for money is okay. They are like the fictional Soprano family. If you happen to hurt anyone going after money, too bad. Feel so sorry for how Kris Humphries was played.


Remember the episode where kim lied to one of her younger sisters about a foot injury? And her sister tracked her down and caught kim unloading her suv in front of her condo?
Thats all one need to know about kim's character. She is a self-consumed, self-obessed, vain, narcissist.
She will lie to everyone to please her self.

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