Kim Kardashian Tabloid Koverage: Kopious!

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Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the tabloid world, but this week's excessive coverage of the shameless reality star has nothing to do with her weight loss, bikini body or desire for babies.

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    You know what? THis is all our fault. IF we did not READ the KARDASHIAN related news, or watched the show, or anything... they won t be making money. I am from brazil and I translate these fCKing show, so I am obligated to watch some of the episodes. I had to watch the absurd 4 hour marriage special. And it s so lame, it's so arranged. And now I am curious about these moron girls. But WE CAN CHANGE THINGS!!!!! YES WE CAN!!! hahahaha. WE CAN STOP reading their news, stop watching their shows, stop buying products they promote. And I GUARANTEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU, they will dissapear!


    Kim Kardashian Life & Style Magazine Exclusive Interview (Photos)


    These girls are the most selfish and mean women I have.. I hope this is the end of this empire,making millions off of us.I have been watching DWTS and see how the fix is in for Rob win this season.Just so sick tired of these people.


    For the past few days I've heard several references that Kris and Kim moved too fast...every relationship develops at its own stage...who are any of us to tell them why their marriage went wrong? I met my husband on a dating site, married him two months later, and we are incredibly in love and happy. There are others I know who date for years and when they finally get married the relationship ends. Every relationship is different. Just because a celebrity decides to allow the public into their personal lives doesn't give anyone the right to judge them. And until any of us have lived our lives in front of the camera, we truly don't know just how difficult it is and how much pressure the whole family is under.


    Since she made a mockery out of marriage and her husband why does she not give back the 2 million dollar ring.


    Kris Jenner said on the TODAY SHOW How she Had Cheated on her EX-Husband thats why he Left her ass.

    come-on what your Kids had to grow up watching is why they are like they are.
    she makes Millions OFF the kids THAT WHY SHE HAD 5 KIDS,when they were smaller she had their big child support checks then she married Bruce Blew all his Money now the Last resort is Profit off her Kids, so yeah thats why she is begging Fans please understand and be supportive,SURE Fans keep buying there STUFF So THEY ALL can laugh all to the Bank!! and still LIVE THE LAVISH LIFE STYLE...if you give them any of your hard earned money you are FOOLS!!


    The drama between Kim Kardashian Humphries, née Kardashian & Kris Humphries Kardashian, née Humphries is simply the kick-off to what will be the biggest soap opera saga to hit the airwaves since Luke & Laura from General Hospital. Eat that, Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event in two parts. One part scam and the other part nonsense. Let’s just say that reality television will never play as well as scripted. Hence, I give you… The Days Of Kim’s Lives: All Nine Of Them


    A bunch of BS...another act for money


    there was no way this marriage was gonna last, they moved to fast and just from them together (yes it's reality tv and it needs drama..) they were always fighting about something. kim needs a guy that will let her do whatever she wants and keeps his mouth shut. kris was not that guy.


    These people have NO HEART, this would not surprise me if this was not a publicity stunt and the two got back together for the upcoming reality show. These people will only pee if they get paid other wise they will hold it until it hurts.
    I do not feel sorry for this fake ass girl because her E NEWTWORK and the family were in on this SHAM WEDDING I could tell from the trailers for their show that I told my friends this wedding is FAKE AND IT IS KNOWN HERE IN CALIFORNIA. TAKE THESE PEOPLE OFF THE AIR and then lets see how they will proceed in the clothing line. And for you people that think people are jealous of them remember this girl is a whore who made her claim to fame off a SEX VIDEO

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