Kim Kardashian Sends Message to Fans: I Married for Love!

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Kim Kardashian has come out with a new, lengthy statement on her official website, one that addresses her fans and seeks to quell the talk that she's an attention-starved, money-hungry, sorry excuse for a human being who crapped all over the integrity of marriage in order to earn a few bucks.


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    Hey just stopped threw to chat with you not trying to be a bug nor irritating just a friend someone to talk to,although I really am crushing own you that's just the truth I am a man not women, and I enjoy talking,music,being with family and people that love you is very important I am 5"8" 175 pounds and chocolate the kind that melt in your mouth and not in your hand,lol.long story short im not married never been but would love to with the right one patience is a virtue,also im 30 years of age and my both date is August 28 1981 might be to much far as the intro goes but I have to let you no,I stay in Fresno Ca,the home of the grizzly so if interested give me a call its just a conversation never no i could be the one you been always waiting own step out own faith and just used the number 5593679961 give me a call when ever you need a friend or a real man to talk to I'll be here...luv......:)


    To all the Kardashian's, Please get off of the TV, I am so sick of all of you I could PUCK especially that stupid Mother of yours,I pay a lot of money for TV and I don"t need to look at you 24/7 none of you can act, and you are so full of it and I"m sure everyone with a half of a brain is tired of how wonderful you think you are. With any luck you might have one brain between you


    Kim "love" last longer than 72 day's . Stop lying to yourself and to the public


    I really enjoyed the first few years of the Keeping up with the K's, it was warm, funny and seemed fairly real. It's such a shame that it all went so south. I do not wish anyone pain or suffering, however the K family dosent seem to get it AT ALL , that the millions upon millions of $$ they now all have was from, for the most part, everyday lower to middle income class folks that watched a TON of money wasted in such a sensless and greedy way in such a time of dispair in the world.The whole wedding fiasco to me appeared was so scripted and set up.

    Whatch out for "KARMA"
    Not a hater, just an ex-fan!!


    Wow this is crazy a celebrity who got married and now a divorced. I feel that she should have not put her business out into the world because the media will turn a situation into a negative situation. She should have waited to get married. How can she say she married for love no she didn’t she just wanted his money and wanted the world to know that she was married.


    Wow!! Did she really write that?? "let ray j pound us", "you like my boobs" Wtf?? Lol she is just asking to get called a trashy whore.. Some role model huh?? She just needs maybe shut up & hopefully we'll just all forget about the disgusting, vein, prude that is known as Kim Kardashian.. Truly sad indevidual..


    Come on everyone..lets boycott the Kdash crap they sell and the perfume that smells like bug spray..does she really need to milk more money out of us all? Her fake wedding, her money hungry family? For all of us getting ripped off, they should send us stimulus checks, but then poor whore kimmie couldn't get a butt lift or face lift, funny how mommy had one for kimmie's wedding! This family is nothing but greedy,ignorant, egotistical snobs. Wonder if Bruce has a clue how stupid he is.


    Kim needs to hand the ring,bracelet & everything else a leech would attach itself to back to Kris! I feel sorry for him and the humiliation he and his family are facing. Thats all the "K" women think of is themselves and how much $$$ they can cheat people out of. BIG MOMMA Kris (her size etc..) had to have a "face-lift" for kimmies wedding and a ring almost the same size..Poor Bruce he's so whipped leave now Bruce, its not too late. If I were Kris, I would have bought her a cubic Zarconia stone and saved myself millions.


    For real??? What do you expect from someone who made sex tapes specifically to make money and become a "star". I call that a whore. And if that's not enough, now the entire family profits ffrom her sexual exploits. Disgusting! Greed is what this crew is all about! Wish they would al go far, far away never to be hears from again. Nuff said!!!!


    Totally dysfunctional family. Good thing she did not take his name after marriage and dishonor his good name. The only single smart moment in her life. She was not worthy of the Humphries name or family. Trash in it's truest form! Damaged Brand.

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