Kim Kardashian: Seeking Klosure in Minnesota

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Kim Kardashian is doing all she can to milk her divorce for all the publicity possible smooth things over with Kris Humphries.

The disgraceful reality star actually flew to her ex-husband's hometown today, as multiple sources confirm she's landed in Minnesota.

Hello, Fans!

To what end? NOT to reconcile, insiders tell TMZ. Instead, Kim and Kris will simply meet with the pastor that officiated their August 20 wedding in an attempt to gain closure.

And, hey, if paparazzi just happen to be present, and if new stories are created out of the meeting, and if this trip makes Kim seem more sympathetic and less despicable for crapping all over the institution of marriage... so be it, right?



Another PR stunt, just to get the public's attention. These K-people are so sickening. I am glad of all the media attention that they receive, plastered all over the web, TV & papers with their trash life, because it shows people how awful these people really are as far as being an endorser of anything unless it is related to the porn industry. I have found that it is even boring to write about them and this will probably be my last post on this subject except to say, it is the people like them with their zero moral character that has contributed to the downfall of society.


Did Kim really think, that marriage is all about peaches and cream and big diamonds. All couple disagree to some extent especially in the beginning, when they clash because there ideas and how they were raised are better than the other persons. Dam girl she bailed out to quick without even trying. Poor guy, he makes less than you and u knew that, he looked so happy with her, but she was like a bridezilla very demanding woman, he had no say so in the planning of the wedding and no say so in the divorce decision. He got fucked, give the ring back to him, so he can sell it.


I just dont believe .if the marriage was really sincere. I dont think the thing would end up that too fast.!. Time that less than 3 months is not a marriage. But tend to a fool game. Doesn't like how if ppl want to make money there is NO LIMIT of time.But come back to their lifestyle how they can even have many partners sex without married yeah just like animal in the forest, ! With or without married you still can have a sex. And bcouse of this whimp dirty principle why ppl dont put harder effort to save the holy marriage, yeah and it was worst life style that has been rampantly occured in the west society


Remember.!Marriage is the sacred thing that DEALwith God dont play with it. And divorce isnot the best sole solution to have happy marriage life. Becouse even you divorce , marriage ,divorce and marriage again the problems are actually about the SAME things. Yeah mayb about financial, about the passion if she really intend to build a family. She should to alwys think about how to save her marriage and solve the problems wisely. But not.! She was ended up it so easy and to fast,! And this is not the good example as a role model or it is becouse they still can have a sex without marriage


Wow I think people need to mind their own business this girl has all right to leave a marriage if it be a day a week a year after the marriage began if she does not like the behavior of her spouse I think it was rushed into but there's no reason to live your life unhappy to make others happy when is that ever ok to do. If this was any normal person we would never heard of this and she is famous enough without planning a fake wedding people should allow her to deal with her own matters without the criticism of others people are intitled to make mistakes n maybe after getting into this marriage she realized it was a mistake it's better to correct it now before they have kids and it's more difficult cause u now have innocent babies involved..Let her live her life


SOOOOO much hate on this page...Kim will never have the fans on her side because she went about this shit all wrong ..Why go to his house and say your sorry the damage was done when you pulled the rug out from under Kris and the people who took the time out of their lives to watch this crap !! All your momanger is doing is trying is calm down the villagers from storming the castle with their pitch forks from getting at you and your frankenstein husband !!


Amy..... Are you as Stupid as your are white! Blacks and Whites seldom get together because of Love! W-Women are their Trophy! It's to embarrass- it's to Humiliate! You think People on this site came into this World 15 minutes ago? Black males do not Provide! It's a statistical Fact! Meanwhile Whites are helping support their little Half & Halfs because "Tyree" is Off spreading his seed! Of course "Tyree" now has Obama on his side! Do you think just because I'm the one talking - that nobody else knows this! Wake The F*ck up! If you love the Dark Side then pack your shit and don't bring your stupid ass back!


She had experienced of marriage failure before, if she really wants to settle down, why dont use it as a lesson,or put a little effort to save her marriage little longer.bcouse the 1st 5 years of marriage is actually the time of adapt each other diffrces, as most ppl endured as well
If she really married for love, why we dont see even a drop of tear whe she decided to divorce or atleast take a moment of mourn rather than cheery to say about her next trip to australia. I also wondered why "divorce" has been become a trend in west,!


These the reasons why i disgusted her or another west celebs
1st. She is dissapointing all her fans with her game
2nd. She has been cheated all the invited guests who used to be witnessed on her glamour wedding.
3rd. She shocked all the world with abruptly crap news about her wedding and silly divorce.
4th. She used to play in the name of God for insincere fake marriage.
5th. Why should her used the bad example of other shorter marriage as an excuse. Dont you hv ur own brain.
6th. From today now on, i black list u off for being public figure



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