Kim Kardashian Grants First Post-Divorce Interview, Defends Motives for Marriage

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Immediately after filing for divorce from Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian jetted down to Australia to promote her family's collection of handbags. Naturally.

But, even thousands of miles away, this large-breasted reality star couldn't escape questions about her 72-day marriage, which Kim swears was based on love, not ratings.

"I think I'm trying to do the best I can, and it's actually a bit of an escape to come here," Kim said, personality-less as ever, in radio interview on the Kyle and Jackie O show, excerpted here:

Adding that she really isn't ready to discuss details of what led to the split - not for free, come on, Australian hosts! - Kardashian reiterated:

"I do want to make clear that I would never marry for a TV show, for money, for anything like that. I think that's really ridiculous that I have to even defend that," and then added: "I guess, you know, that comes along with when you film your wedding for a reality show."

THANK YOU, KIM! That is all we can reasonably ask for here. Even if you want us to buy your story of love and heartbreak, it's ridiculous and insulting to not at least acknowledge why some might think otherwise.

Why do you think Kim Kardashian got married?


whats goes around cames around


Kim who?


She wanted to "honor her work commitment" to the handbag line?
What about honoring her commitment she made to her HUSBAND???????
This woman has issues.


Sounds like West Coast Wall Street to me!


I personally think the whole Kardashian thing is over rated I think that all these reality shows are over rated. Once you start watching and feeding into this crap is when you know that you do not have a life. believe me I was one of you. You people out there pick up New York times or a good book. That's what I do now a days. A little self education about what is going on around us never hurt anyone!


Plain and simple,who do you all think you are to judge ayone,like to put you life in spot light.Kim good luck no matter what comes nexxxxxt and same goes for Kris..


None of your business mommyof7. It is Kim's life and not yours so why not just go look after your kids and stay out of issues that don't concern you?


So is it normal for celebs to divorce 10 times in their around without underwear..sleep around...use foul language? We keep them in pedestals and admire them....but why? If this is entertainment watching so-called famous humanbeings degrade themselves...then our world is in serious need of help.


You people need to leave Kim and her family alone just like one blogger said who are you to judge anyone, even if she got married and stayed for one day that is her business, don't you all know by now celebrities do not stay married until death do them part anyway, so why should she be any differnt that anyone else in their world. So what ever she did it is her business and no one else, her mistate was having it televised, I don't hear anyone talking about Brittney Spears one day marriage and there have been others they last days and no one is talking about those celebrities. If you don't like their show don't watch it, it is entertainment and nothing else. so people wake up and smell the roses mind your business. There is an old says it takes 6 months to attend to your business and 6 months to attend to others and by that time the years gone. so now go take on the day with a smile and leave my cousins alone.


I agree with Ana, if we would stop looking at E! and reading and buying the magazines they would disappear like Paris Hilton. Kim remember Paris Hilton?

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