Kim Kardashian Divorce Attorney Swears: The Marriage was Real!

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Forget 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. This is ironic: a new insider has spoken out in defense of Kim Kardashian and her intentions when marrying Kris Humphries in August. This insider?

The star's divorce attorney.

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Laura Wasser, who has represented a number of celebrities during their legal splits, explains to TMZ that the prenuptial agreement hammered out between parties was so extensive that both sides simply had to have been serious about the union.

"Given what I know regarding that document, it is not plausible that this marriage was a sham," Wasser says, adding that financial issues which extend "well into the future" were debated.

Please. It certainly is plausible. Many might argue that a couple truly in love and hoping to spend eternity together would not even have a prenuptial agreement.

The 30-page document focuses on every conceivable monetary issue, with one source asking: "Why on earth would they create a document which looks far into the future if they planned a marriage that would only last a few months?"

So let us get this straight: the argument IN FAVOR of Kim's legitimate feelings is based on the exhaustive amount of time spent on an agreement that divides up assets in case of divorce?

Are you buying this line of reasoning? Why do you think Kris and Kim got married?


P. S. to my last post. Kim has a fat ASS. There's nothing else that can be's just plain FAT.


Sure, it's for real. Through out the whole wedding planning ordeal, MaMa K had time to write a book that just happened to come out same time as divorce. How stupid does this family think the public is? They've put Paris Hilton to shame. Famous for being famous indeed. Unfortunately they took Kris Humphries family down with them in their move to rake in yet more money. Disgusting......


When Spencer Pratt starts writing editorials about how transparent you are (as seen in today’s Huffington Post), then surely it is time to curl up your gold lame tent and occupy some other landscape. Kim Kardsahian proves that crafting your celebrity without having real talent is like building a house made of sand


Dont worry KK. OJ will get out one day! All of you useless Hollywood people have no soul or character! You are absolutely pathetic. You have no substance and Fame is what drives you.


No, I am not buying this line of reasoning and I think Kim Kardashian has shown over and over that she will do everything and anything for money and more importantly too her, for attention. I'm betting she had an iron clad pre-nup because the marriage was not going to last and she planned on it failing. She only planned on spending the money E! offered her for this "wedding" and not on spending her life with Kris. Who knows what the hell he was thinking or planned on. Don't worry Kim, someone else will get involved with you for fame and a cut of the E! profts very soon. Then you can once again play the victim when the money making relationship goes south and have all your 13 year old adoring fans back you up. Ugh. This woman is pathetic!!


You never know with this chick... she may have just cared about about her money and assests that much, it doesnt really mean her marriage was a sham. We will never know. just let it go.


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