Kim Kardashian Divorce Attorney Swears: The Marriage was Real!

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Forget 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. This is ironic: a new insider has spoken out in defense of Kim Kardashian and her intentions when marrying Kris Humphries in August. This insider?

The star's divorce attorney.

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Laura Wasser, who has represented a number of celebrities during their legal splits, explains to TMZ that the prenuptial agreement hammered out between parties was so extensive that both sides simply had to have been serious about the union.

"Given what I know regarding that document, it is not plausible that this marriage was a sham," Wasser says, adding that financial issues which extend "well into the future" were debated.

Please. It certainly is plausible. Many might argue that a couple truly in love and hoping to spend eternity together would not even have a prenuptial agreement.

The 30-page document focuses on every conceivable monetary issue, with one source asking: "Why on earth would they create a document which looks far into the future if they planned a marriage that would only last a few months?"

So let us get this straight: the argument IN FAVOR of Kim's legitimate feelings is based on the exhaustive amount of time spent on an agreement that divides up assets in case of divorce?

Are you buying this line of reasoning? Why do you think Kris and Kim got married?


Its an absolute joke that someone like this can be one of the biggest celebrities in the world. She has absolutely nothing to offer beyond her fat ass. Her show is boring, her personality is non existant, she has no talent except for giving head in a porn video. I think the world needs to boycott her shows and merchandise and then maybe the media can stop giving this talentless party girl anymore attention!


Here is what I am wondering..... If she entered the marriage with the intent to have it last why would she: 1) Visit a divorce attorney BEFORE the wedding.
2) Go through individual counseling and therapy
3) Go through couples counseling and marriage counseling
4) Communicate with her husband, no one should find out that their spouse filed for a divorce through the media/tabloids
5) Have doubts before the marriage but claim that so many people were counting on the marriage (opps I meant wedding) going forward. I would have thought the most important aspect for a wedding to proceed would be a bride and groom, you really need nothing else.


R you all that high on yourselves u never made a mistake take your hatefull words and cram them u selfish losere let's put your lives under fire and see how you turn out your words are hatefull and mean and so are you be were what goes around comes around and I wish you all heartbreak


I find it hilarious that people are going nuts and are so angry over her marriage - be it real or a sham!
Seriously, you are the ones giving it life! Who cares whether it is real or not, the fact that there are people out there willing to feed this whole fiasco is what is making it an issue!
I am sure that if you were in a position to make money off the public, you would do it! If this marriage is a sham, then be angry at yourselves for allowing her to get away with the publicity of it, because the more you are angry the more you feed it!

Maryanne gaeta

To me she is the most disgusting person alive...the only thing that matters to fat ass is money, money, money, and did i mention MONEY... SHE SHOULD HIDE AND NEVER BE SEEN.......


I agree with soul no character and useless. Fame is the only thing in their life that drives them. They have no "real" friends everything is paid "real" life its all a mirage...all made up to support what one perceives to be "good" television. What a shallow existence. You sell your self out for what a few shotty years really in the span of a lifetime. In the end you will have nothing left, no one there...hope the ride was worth it all.


Of course they made the prenup look "authentic". This way when they divorce and the story leaks about how extensive the prenup document was, "most" people would buy into that thinking, "oh, it had to be real!" Please..NEXT.


Zelda, you're right.
Kim has quite a large ch00-choo in back. Reminds me of Aunt Fanny in Robots with her huge backside passing gas.
Kim strangely seems to be quite proud of her large ch00-choo.


Ahhh....The attorney said so! Well then, it must have been legit! :^)


Lots and lots of people in Hollywood are not "useless." It's a town where plenty of folks have an idea about what to make of their lives and work very hard. Those films don't get made just by wishing them onto the screen. That said for our brother and sisters of southern California, it's hard to understand the K's willingness to sink their dignity into the deepest holes, never to reclaim their good name. Silliness shouldn't make a brand outside of Daffy Duck cartoons.


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