Kim Kardashian Divorce Attorney Swears: The Marriage was Real!

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Forget 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. This is ironic: a new insider has spoken out in defense of Kim Kardashian and her intentions when marrying Kris Humphries in August. This insider?

The star's divorce attorney.

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Laura Wasser, who has represented a number of celebrities during their legal splits, explains to TMZ that the prenuptial agreement hammered out between parties was so extensive that both sides simply had to have been serious about the union.

"Given what I know regarding that document, it is not plausible that this marriage was a sham," Wasser says, adding that financial issues which extend "well into the future" were debated.

Please. It certainly is plausible. Many might argue that a couple truly in love and hoping to spend eternity together would not even have a prenuptial agreement.

The 30-page document focuses on every conceivable monetary issue, with one source asking: "Why on earth would they create a document which looks far into the future if they planned a marriage that would only last a few months?"

So let us get this straight: the argument IN FAVOR of Kim's legitimate feelings is based on the exhaustive amount of time spent on an agreement that divides up assets in case of divorce?

Are you buying this line of reasoning? Why do you think Kris and Kim got married?


this is crap, no one believes them anymore so why bother tell the people what happens to their life?!! First they make a show that full of lies,
then show the whole about a fake marriage then inform the public of some issue about an explanation of something??!!
what;s this about??!!
fooling the public?!! I used to admire the kardashians for being a loving family and true people, but as i read news coming here and there.
I don't think that they are as good as they show ib television.


kum/kim, dont luv no-one but kim, she aint real, aint no man good enough 4 her wanne be high maintenance as, she know she still reggie back, i hope he dont want her stank ass back, once a whoe, always a whoe, i am just saying, the apple dont fall far from the tree, yes i am talking about kris/mommie, stop acting like their friends, and be the mom


i do not agree about the therapy my husbands and i had to go through 6 wks of premarital counciling before the minster would marry us. it works well my husband and i have been married for 27 yrs.


The prenum or rather the phony wedding agreement will be available online in two days. Legally I can release it as I am no longer bound by it.


Kim u need not to concern yourself with mistakes in life,mistakes are not regrets they are lesson learn,u will continue to make mistakes only yo progress further not only do u have a close knit supporting cast,u developed admirers,love ones and the people others call fans,to help u move pass nay sayers and silent threats who smiles in your face but seeking your demise,u by all means has to use their negative energy to further your dreams,when that time comes along u will know in your gut feeling that person is for u,by him and to u.thank u im a old G,friend of lamar from queens


Kim Kardashian Divorce Attorney Swears: The Marriage was Real. How much did she pay you to say, her marriage is real. Money talks sometimes but it wont last.


of course she had a pre nup, she knew the marriage was fake and would not last and she protected her money and made more money for herself in the process, You know it would be nice to have the money she does, but I have to saw, the money will not buy you happiness. One day you will get old and have no spouse and no children. Kim she be building character not money...and yes I think she is beautiful and she is not lazy. but she has no personality or character or pride it seems. She is not talented, she cant sing, dance or act. all she can do is pose, and pose in clothes. Her mom is the route of it all, she establishes no morals in this girl...Khloe and Kourtney are doing way better. Kim really needs a reality check. Money does not buy you happiness. and destroying feeling and lives along your path is not good.




"As Joan Collins said to King Kong"!


hollywood is full of fake life styles


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