Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: The Pre-Divorce Meeting?!?

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Reggie Bush and the Miami Dolphins lost to The New York Giants, 20-17, on Sunday afternoon. But did the former number-two draft pick win back an ex-girlfriend?!?

Sources tell MediaTakeOut that Bush met up with Kim Kardashian on Saturday afternoon at BAR MASA, a sushi restaurant in New York City. Kris Humphries was in Minnesota at the time and Kim was reportedly "excited" about seeing the man she dated for over two years. Interesting...

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Over the summer, tabloids claimed that Bush was frantically texting Kim, hoping she'd call off her wedding. It seemed ridiculous at the time, but, hey, the tabloids called Kim's divorce from Kris in this case, didn't they?

Moreover, if living arrangements really were an issue for Kardashian with Humphries, they would not be in this case: Bush resides in Miami. Next to whatever red carpet event is lining her bank account, that city is Kim's second home.


Im not a christian,hindu,muslim. but i def believe in God, dat He is inside us. I dnt believe in going to holy places once a week n den drink, smoke,and have sexual and immoral lyf for da rest of da week.I dnt believe in judging or hating, but if somthing is wrong in our society, we need to stand up and say we dont need this for our society, for our children anymore. we DONOT HATE the Kadashian family, we just want them to see how dey are behaving is wrong, and dey need to get some self respect.The media everything is supporting dem, lyk sheep we all follow dis immoral things, wid out being brave enough to stand up and saying dat dis type of immoral materialistic lyf does not give any substance to our society and give true joy in lyf. It may be glamorous shiny fascinating on da outside..but inside it is a very dirty sly type of negative energy working to corrupt our world.


Hey Steph, Kris H. is the joke. And if that is how you raise your be whiny, controlling and selfish little boys, then thumbs down to you "Minnesotians!" In fact my brother lives in Minnesota. He was raised in TEXAS where people really don't mind "dirtying the water" or speaking their minds as you proclaim. Unfortunately, he has become a tall spineless little wuss himself. Must be something in the water up there. I guarantee that if you had the opportunities that Kim has been presented with, you would have jumped! And, PLEASE, don't start on your GOD'S COUNTRY spill.


Everyone said how Kris Humphries was a jerk and all this and that....well I'm sorry, that's just how us Minnesotans are, we tell it like it is, make fun of stupid shit, like the Kardashians and I feel sorry for him that he fell for a girl like her, who only used him as a commodity and nothing else. This family is a bunch of fame whores and nothing else, the next thing they'll be marketing is Kardashian Kondoms or some shit like that.....uh oh I probably just gave them idea. Trust me, Kris you're better off without her and Minnesota wants nothing to do with the plastic surgery loving, fake hair having, got famous for being a porn star whore!! Hopefully the next man won't be so gullible and fall into their bull shit.


What a joke! Marriage has become a joke to this family. I'm sure your father is rolling over in his grave. Values does that mean anything to these people. I have been married for 16 yrs I am 36 I value my life, husband and standing before god in church. Dream foundation really Kim? Ridiculous all of you .........


We watch them not because they are people who deserve our respect but they are a trashy train wreck family that started out with a little bit of money and now a lot of money. Their mom will pimp them out for anything and who has a family that talks about sex and genitalia in their family?(if you are buying their stuff you are crazy because they are using your hard earned dollars to buy clothes that would never see the light of a Sears store. Kris Humphreys called it that in the next era it will be Kim who? Just someone else on a new version of trivia persuit or "where are they now" on VH1. They are a guilty pleasure, but as they age it would be like if Dr. Ruth was still on the air...creepy.


Talking about a ride this greedy whore and her family are rotten to the core. The tramp took Kris Humphries for everything she could get out of him and for those wedding gifts check out what her mother said "she is sure Kim will make a donation to charity" The greed of these people. Kris don't get his 2 million dollar ring back, necklace or barcelet. It make me wonder what kind of people are the Kardashian. This thing about people being mean or haters is bull. You don't take a young man and rob him like this I do not like Kim, Khole, or Mother Kris this family of greed is disgusting. I have never seen anything this vain before on national television. These people are beneath the scum barrel and they don't care. To actual take advantage of this young man like this make me sick. Really what kind of people are they. Well i don't know Seacrest, but I am sure he has more dignity than this. Are the Kardashian for real?


I hope she and Reggie work things out. He is the one she should have married. Reggie I feel is her true love. But her next marriage should just be a Las Vegas quick and quite ceramony. I am so glad she dumped Kris so quick. It was going to happen anyway so just get it done with. Kris was such a wrong fit and he is a jerk. Kris needs to shut his mouth. Only stupid comments come out of it.


I honestly could care if Reggie had anything to do with their, "irreconcilable differences." What makes me sad is they were married for only 2.5 months. Why not try a bit harder. Many married couples have problems in their first year of marriage, going through the adjustment stage. Do the words, "For better or for worse" mean anything? Also, to think that the cost of her three wedding dresses could have supported a family for years. In this economy, it's shameful! My husband is disabled, my son has special needs, my Mom just passed away who I was caring for and I have been out of work for two years. For what was spent on wedding rings, my family wouldn't have to worry about keeping a roof over our heads for a long time. I don't like to see any couple split up but if you have any doubts, which it's obvious they did from their "Fairytale" wedding coverage, postpone it until you get to know each other or if you are insistent on getting married, go to City Hall.


Gummiebear juice
If u call your self a Christian then you know better not to judge others as it says in the bible! Everyone should just mind their business and not talk about who Kim
Is seeing an if she is getting a divorce or not. I love the kardashians!!! Kim you do you and I hope you pick regie over that humphrie guy!! Lol


Considering the fact that Kim K. filed for a divorce on Halloween,maybe she (just) couldn't wait until April's Fool's Day to tell Kris Humphries to get lost. After seeing a clip of "that wedding" this morning, Kim K's heart was Not in getting married, but having her lion's share of attention. She was constantly looking over her shoulders flirting with with the guest (as if) to make sure that others were looking at her. It is an absolute mockery of marriage to throw money at such a selfish family when there are families who have been stung by the economic crisis that is still in place. I would be willing to bet very seriously that the extravagant leftovers from the wedding were Not even donated to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.
I think that the value on the love market of Kim Kardashian just plummeted. I doubt very seriously if any man will take her out any time soon with the *word love on his mind!!

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