Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: The Pre-Divorce Meeting?!?

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Reggie Bush and the Miami Dolphins lost to The New York Giants, 20-17, on Sunday afternoon. But did the former number-two draft pick win back an ex-girlfriend?!?

Sources tell MediaTakeOut that Bush met up with Kim Kardashian on Saturday afternoon at BAR MASA, a sushi restaurant in New York City. Kris Humphries was in Minnesota at the time and Kim was reportedly "excited" about seeing the man she dated for over two years. Interesting...

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Over the summer, tabloids claimed that Bush was frantically texting Kim, hoping she'd call off her wedding. It seemed ridiculous at the time, but, hey, the tabloids called Kim's divorce from Kris in this case, didn't they?

Moreover, if living arrangements really were an issue for Kardashian with Humphries, they would not be in this case: Bush resides in Miami. Next to whatever red carpet event is lining her bank account, that city is Kim's second home.


My grandmom say something else is seriously going on here, but I say... If Kim K filed for a divorce and she did not tell her husband it was because she is a coward. She said, she has to follow her heart, but she already knew that before she enter into this marriage. I told my grandmom, this woman only went into suculsion because Kris H went home where his family and friends are. Everybody saw this man was hurt while she was out promoting the Kardashian brand. She thought Kris was going to be commenting all over national television, but when she realized the guy was decent she changed her approach for sympathy. Thats why she took a set backwards to lay low and recooperate from all the heat. When she thinks its safe to come out the Kardashian will be back for round two Trash Kris and his Family. My grandmom says Kim can't help herself I say please give me a break...


Actually Kris Humphries is also part african-american.. But anyways, they all suck.. Haven't cared about any of her men or her, fame whore/just plain whore.. Once the offers stop coming in Im sure we'll see her either releasing another sextape, or her as the spokesperson for condoms or something like that.. She's not at all talented and i really dont care who is penetrating her, just very bored of kim, like can she just do something to redeem herself?? Anything!? Didnt think so.


Kim obviously likes black men! Her mother probably pushed her to marry Humphries because he is white! Hell, she wouldve married Reggie Bush long ago if he wouldve asked her to. He didn't want to get married, why would he when he could just get her in bed whenever he wanted. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?


Men will never take u serious because of your behaviours. Money cannot buy love, you really need to settle down en da right man will come your way.


Additional comment. "Beauty is two-fold, it comes from within as
well as outside, it's only skin deep. I'd rather associate myself
with people of substance than beauty anyday. People who give of
themselves in earnest and try to help others to do and be better are
my heroes, not these wannabe's who claims to fame is Greed. They
are the bottomfeeders of society. Stop the madness.


Show this family that their 15 minutes are up. "BOYCOTT ANY AND ALL
THINGS ASSCOCIATED WITH THIS FAMILY". "Stand for something or fall for anything". It stops here. We refuse to promote or be entertained by the lack of morals of this family. Greed seems is
the foundation upon which this family is based. No concept of right
or wrong, no decent family values, just Greed. The message is clear
and precise, " We will not spend hard earned money on lies, immoral
conduct and deceit to line your pockets. You're done, my friend!!


The kardashian girls are gorgeous :)
And Kim, deserves the best!
Don't let all these haters bring you down ;)
there really the people that look like idiots!


who cares everybody makes mistakes he was as young as he looks and she just rush into marriage without even knowing ..... about this young boy


Kris was edited to look bad! Just like Dr Phil saying Kris wasn't working when he hired a publicist and already had a booking at Vegas. Shame on Dr Phil! Kim is a 31 year old woman and has been married before and around the block a couple of times she knew exactly what she was doing that is why she got a young man that didn't have the experience of the "socialite" Kim and her family used Kris for ratings and money! Kris should sure for fraud! As far as Reggie Bush goes - I feel for his mother - he too better run! Kim might change for a hot minute however than she will be back to her old ways! Kim said she loves Kris then why not a wedding counselor - I guess she that bad editing on Kris would eliminate that and everyone would give her sympathy. fraud!


kim will fall in love with any guy she attracted too.she wanted marriage so bad,so dummy kris,married her ...its kims insecure stinky anus fault for beggin marriage and kris fault for bein a cocky goof n thinking he could control/change KIM AKA BIG STINKY BUTT SLU#

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