Kid Goes Streaking at Football Game, Injures Junk

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We're going streaking! Those words bring back fond memories for so many of us ... but this East Carolina student is likely wishing he hadn't after injuring his penis.

Or, to use one of our favorite New Girl quotes, his peen-yong.

John Sieglinger, 21, decided to rush the field at last weekend's East Carolina game, which seemed like a good idea at the time ... until he took a spill on his junk while being taken down by security, injuring his junk in the process ...

Streaker Falls

Talk about an "oops" moment ... not unlike Rick Perry's debate performance last night.

Fortunately, unlike Perry's campaign, John's junk will be alright. Luckily, he must have told friends about his plans prior to the act, because it was recorded via DROID.

It's obviously really far away, but watch the hilarity begin ...


Amber you are absolutely correct. That was rude, crude and inappropriate. It's not a matter of timing its just this is not the type of story you want to make light of. Many lives were ruined and many will be in the long run. Child molestation has a chain of destruction and each of every one of those children will need counseling if they haven’t already received it. Also child abuse can become a chain, which is why it will never go away.


You need to stop the shit about the assistant coaches for penn state. it is just bullshit to put that kind of shit up on here like that. that was totally rude and wrong doing.


Hilarious. Normally I would be thinking what an idiot but I'm not surprised some crazy kid would do this. It's been done for years and years. Yes it is stupid but at least he didn't hurt anyone(except himself, ouch).


I bet if the game was at Penn State he would have thought twice about streaking. What, was that to soon? Nope not at all. Do you think the assistant coach would have ran after him to stop him or ran after him for another reason... ok, ok I’ll stop.

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