Kendra Wilkinson Offers Tempered Praise For Lindsay Lohan Nude

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Kendra Wilkinson has thought a lot about it, but at the end of the day, supports Lindsay Lohan's desire to pose nude in Playboy. After all, how can she judge?

“She always came off like a girl that would do Playboy so I am not really surprised,” the 26-year-old K-Dubs said of Lindsay's decision to go full frontal.

“She is almost like a hippie type of girl.”

That's one way of putting it ...

Lindsay Lohan Hangs Out
An Annoying Laugh

"I am so back and forth about it,” the Kendra star said of Lindsay in Playboy, where she'll be channeling Marilyn Monroe. “The one thing that I can say is that in this day and age, if you have a way to make that kind of money, then go ahead.”

Mixed, but generally positive feelings from Kendra then.

She does make a valid point. A million dollars for four days of work? That looks pretty good on any balance sheet, even if it means showing the vadge of courage.

Besides, Lindsay Lohan's got a lot of bills these days.

“If that’s what’s going to bail her ass out of jail, I mean, go for it. You never know. She could need the money to bail herself out,” Kendra hilariously added.


gota love kendras honesty.


I've heard it all now! This Useless White " Brother Lovin" Skank is giving advice! She must have done it laying on her Back! Logan? That Trainwreck! Listen- All you TV " Ho's " need to understand this/ Nobody gives a Shit about the Bunch of you- That isn't in Cali or New York! You are everything that we Hate in Middle America! You are an embarrassment! Kendra- is a Little pint Sized Slut whos 15 minutes is up! Get her the F*ck off TV! Put the Love Boat back on/ Anything!


Yeh Kendra, you are an expert in prostituting your body and worshipping stripper poles. money is the route to all evil and immorality. Go ahead Lindsay take all your clothes off and let the whole world see your body,how more low can u go---??? I hope Hugh Hefner and all the dirty people that support him rot in Hell.

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