Kelly Clarkson at the American Music Awards: All This Jazz

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Give us Kelly Clarkson standing at a microphone, simply singing, and we'd be thrilled. The original American Idol possesses that kind of sheer talent.

But the artist took to the stage at last night's American Music Awards in a shiny, beautiful dress and was flanked by a series of brass instruments, along with back-up dancers that took their cue from the early 20th century musical Newsies.

It was a fun, jazzy rendition of "Mr. Know It All" that still showcased Clarkson's incredible voice. Watch for yourself now:

Other performers at the event includes Justin Bieber (HERE) and Jennifer Lopez (HERE).


That was a really good performance. I'm not a big fan of hers but maybe it's time I got on the bandwagon.


Listen; Admittedly, I am not a Kelly Clarkson fan. However, after sitting at my computer with my back to the T.V. I couldn't help but turn around when I heard the performance. Absolutely stunning! Though I don't like her original version of this song, I have to admit I couldn't take my attention from the T.V. until the song was over. Immediately asking my wife who was that and what was the name of that song. Who knows, more performances like this may turn, even me; into a Clarkson fan. Hey! anything is possible.

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