Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars Perform on The X Factor: Watch Now!

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The X Factor did everything in pairs on Wednesday night.

First, the competition sent two contestants packing as the impressive runs of both Lakoda Rayne and LeRoy Bell came to an end. Also, the show featured two wildly popular acts, as both Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars put on renditions of their latest hits.

Watch the former American Idol belt out a version of "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" below, followed by Bruno Mars with "It Will Rain."


@Lolo and camille you girls honestly don't know fashion. That dress was amazing. But you'll probably have an issue with it because you'll are fat. Sweethearts I'm sure your moms may have told you that your beautiful just the way you'll are but in the back of their heads they are probably thinking loose weight!! I don't think that's a bad idea so do it and than maybe you guys will someday be using the same dress and will look amazingly gorgeous!!!!


lolo i agree. im a kelly c fan but she did look like she was about to pop out of that dress. however it was refreshing to hear some good singing on x factor. the show has taken too many twists and turns and the singers on the show do not compare to the talent from idol such as kelly, carrie, and dautrey. so unfair that one of those x factor losers will walk away with 5 million - such a joke!


She sounded great but the dress was horrible. It was 2 sizes to small. She should wear more size appropriate clothing & she wouldn't look so heavy. That dress make her look like a stuffed sausage.

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