Katy Perry Flute Fail: Caught on Tape!

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Katy Perry had us thinking she had real musical talent for a second.

A video shot by a fan at one of her concerts showed Katy jamming away on the flute like a virtuoso ... or so we thought, until she took a breath at the wrong moment and gave away the fact that she is a flute-synching fraud! We want our money back!

Watch the "One That Got Away" singer miss a cute and mess up the whole act ...

But while it looked like the joke was on Katy, it may actually be on us. Perry mentioned the incident to her 12 million-plus followers on Twitter, saying:

"P.S. FAIL to all of you who fell for my scripted flute joke #Iminonthejokebooya"

She also has five straight #1 hits and we don't. THG fail.


Its so obvious it wasn't a joke..if it was why would she cover her face afterwards like she was embarrassed!!! She failed and now she's tryin to play it off like its a joke..


There's a video on youtube titled "Katy Perry Covers Big Pimpin'" where you can see her do the same thing. It was really a joke!

@ Xyz

she was doing that to prove that she made a mistake 95 percent of all famous people do this if you were here Katy Perry or any other famous singer sing without a microphone it would not sound very good its all editing that the electronics manager adjusts to what Katy Perry or anybody else would like she cover her face to make people laugh are you noticing the video everybody starts laughing after duh


Seems to me she posted that tweet AFTER she realized she was busted.


We thought we well


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