Katy Perry Debuts "The One That Got Away" Video on Ellen: Watch Now!

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Will "The One That Got Away" be Katy Perry's sixth straight #1 hit?

She hopes so, and thinks today's video release date might be good luck.

On Ellen DeGeneres' show this morning, Katy noted that if you took six #1's and lined them up, you'd get 11/11/11. We totally didn't think of that earlier.

Check out the video, which debuted during her interview with Ellen, and see if you think it's up there with some of her other recent, instant pop hits:

Not bad, huh? She sure does love dressing up in elaborate costumes.

On a really cool note, Perry announced that she will be holding a special free concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles for all her fans on November 23! Free!

Switching gears, she says she wants to start "poppin' kids left and right" before long.

"As long as it doesn't hurt the first time. I'll keep popping them out," Katy claims.

So basically, she and Russell are only gonna have one kid, but it'll be cute!


Katy i luv the song!!!!!!! you rock


Have any of you read this article about her announcing she was pregnant? I saw it on Twitter. Supposedly she announced that she was pregnant at her show at Madison Square Garden. Do you know if it’s true? Here’s the article: http://bit.ly/vRFTCK


Teenage Dream was okay (halfway decent workout song I guess), that California Girls song made me want to gouge my eyes and ears out with a fork...........but this new one is well-done. I had never heard it before and my husband showed me the video, and wow.... I cried. I am such a sap, haha. Katy Perry is really not too bad as "pop" artists go....most of em these days suck so unbelievably bad. Much like current TV shows. *sigh*


well that song teenage dream is really good paige and if you dont like it well i feel really bad for u [not]!!!


epic video...
katy perry is getting better...


This song is great and very sad :( it made me cry when I saw it. Katy Perry deserves to get 6 #1 singles. She is a great inspiration and she is the best. I love all her music. I know that all hard work pays off and hopefully it will for Katy. Luv U Katy :)


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Katy just keeps getting better!! 6 #1 singles well deserved. Her videos are thoughtfull and mean so much!


Katy perry really needs to grow up. All her songs are for people with arrested development. This song sounds similar to a previous song she released i believe its teenage dream.


Katy perry really needs to grow up. All her songs are for people with arrested development. She needs to grow up and this song sounds similar to a previous song she released i believe its teenage dream.

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