Kate Middleton Pregnant? Denmark Trip Sparks Rumor

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Is Kate Middleton pregnant? The Duchess has ignited speculation that she is expecting once again after a visit to a UNICEF distribution center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

With Prince William at her side, Kate avoided a certain food product as they sampled items from UNICEF aid packages sent to famine-stricken East African countries.

While members of the Danish royal family and William tasted peanut paste, Kate politely refused and reportedly gave her husband of six months a knowing look.

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Doctors have frequently recommended pregnant women avoid peanuts and byproducts while expecting in order to help prevent allergies in their babies-to-be.

What's more, The Palace itself even "went out of their way to stress that she has no nut allergy whatsoever," an editor for Britain's The Sun told ABC News.

Whenever William and Kate Middleton welcome their first child, he or she will inherit the throne. The rules were changed to allow a first-born daughter to rule.

If they have a girl first, that is. The UK monarchy recently agreed that a first-born girl should be able to ascend the throne even if she has younger brothers.

Still, pregnancy speculation or not, Middleton is certainly not displaying any bump just yet; Britain's Best Dressed was slim and stylish as ever in Denmark.

Congratulations ... maybe!


I was an extra in this movie a few weeks ago! It was SO much fun, and the atrocs who play William and his best friend Guy are VERY good looking! Can't WAIT for this to air!


Shes adorable!


I agree with Fanny! I know people who don't like peanuts; maybe Kate doesn't? But its totally cool that if they have a daughter she will be Queen. Girls ftw! :]


Wow dats nice, anyways if dats true, all she needs nw is d best n safe delivery.


When oh when are you folk going to stop calling her by her maiden name and give her her correct title?


Its a royal tradition that when someone gets married they get pregnant within the 1st year of marriage so she could be. I with them both luck if they are expecting.


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how cute! And maybe this is why the Brits put through the "eldest first" rule so quickly, because she's expecting.


I guess it's not possible that maybe she doesn't like peanuts?

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